Worksheet on Perimeter

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on perimeter. The questions are based on finding the perimeter of the triangle, perimeter of the square, perimeter of rectangle and word problems.

I. Find the perimeter of the triangles having the following sides.

(i) 4 cm, 6 cm, 5 cm

(ii) 6.5 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm

(iii) 9 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm

(iv) 2.5 cm, 7.5 cm, 4 cm

II. Find the perimeter of the given triangles.

(i) An equilateral triangle with side 13 cm

(ii) An isosceles triangle whose two equal sides are 15 cm and the third side is 20 cm long.

(iii) A scalene triangle with side 12 m, 10 m and 5 m.


III. Find the perimeter of the squares having the following sides.

(i) 6 cm

(ii) 9 cm

(iii) 4.5 cm

(iv) 5.5 cm

IV. Find the perimeter of squares whose one side is given below.

(i) 15 m

(ii) 12.4 cm

(iii) 0.25 m

(iv) 6 mm

(v) 1.2 km

V. Find the perimeter of rectangle having the following sides.

(i) length = 5 cm, breadth = 3 cm,

(ii) length = 9 cm, breadth = 4 cm,

(iii) length = 7.5 cm, breadth = 4.5 cm,

(iv) length = 8.4 cm, breadth = 5.6 cm

VI. Find the perimeter of rectangles with the given dimensions.

(i) Length = 12 cm, Breadth = 4 cm

(ii) Length = 1.5 m, Breadth = 0.6 m

(iii) Length = 100 mm, Breadth = 35 mm

(iv) Length = 13 km, Breadth = 8 km

(v) Length = 11 m, Breadth = 70 cm

VII. Find the length of side of squares whose perimeter is given below:

(i) 48 cm

(ii) 56 m

(iii) 10.4 km

(iv) 7.2 m

(v) 360 mm

VIII. Which of the figures given below have the most and least perimeter?

Most and Least Perimeter

IX. Find the unknown sides of the given figure:

Find the Unknown Side

Worksheet on Word Problems on Perimeter of Triangle, Squares and Rectangle:

X. Solve the following.

(i) The length of a rectangle field is 200 m. If its perimeter is 700 m, find its breadth.

(ii) The sides of a triangular park are 14 m, 17 m and 20 m. Find its perimeter.

(iii) The perimeter of a rectangle hall is 24 m. If its length is 8 m, find its breadth.

(iv) A triangular field has sides 210 m, 180 m and 230 m long. How many metres of wire is required to fence the field?

(v) Ron jogs around a rectangular park of length 50 m and breadth 30 m. If he takes 10 rounds of the park each day, how much distance does he cover in a day in km?

XI. Draw a rectangle with perimeter 16 cm and breadth 3 cm in the grid below.

Draw a Rectangle

XII. Complete the following table for rectangle shapes.

Perimeter of the Rectangle Shapes

XIII. Identify and name the figures given below. Also find perimeter of each shape using a ruler.

Identify and Name the Figures

XIV. Complete the following table:

Perimeter of Rectangle and Square

Answers for the worksheet on perimeter are given below.


I. (i) 15 cm

(ii) 21.5 cm

(iii) 14 cm

(iv) 14 cm

II. (i) 39 cm

(ii) 50 cm.

(iii) 27 m.


III. (i) 24 cm

(ii) 36 cm

(iii) 18 cm

(iv) 22 cm

IV. (i) 60 m

(ii) 49.6 cm

(iii) 1 m

(iv) 24 mm

(v) 4.8 km


V. (i) 16 cm

(ii) 26 cm

(iii) 24 cm

(iv) 28 cm

VI. (i) 32 cm

(ii) 4.2 m

(iii) 270 mm or 27 cm

(iv) 42 km

(v) 2340 cm or 23 m 40 cm

VII. (i) 12 cm

(ii) 14 m

(iii) 2.6 km

(iv) 1.8 m

(v) 90 mm

VIII. (i) Least - (i)

(ii) Most - (ii)

IX. (i) 18 cm

(ii) 10 cm

(iii) 12 cm

(i) 18 cm


X. (i) 150 m

(ii) 51 m

(iii) 4 m

(iv) 620 m

(v) 1.6 km


Rectangle with Perimeter 16 cm







22 mm

8 mm

60 mm


16 m

13 m

58 m


25 cm

75 cm

200 cm


12 km

8 km

40 km


20 cm

5 cm

50 cm

XIII. (i) Square, 12 cm

(ii) Hexagon, 12 cm

(iii) Triangle, 15 cm

(iv) Rectangle, 16 cm

(v) Rhombus, 12 cm

(vi) Octagon, 8 cm

XIV. (i) 36 cm

(ii) 50 cm

(iii) 16 cm, 16 cm

(iv) 13 cm, 52 cm

(v) 17 cm

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