Worksheet on Area of a Square and Rectangle

We will practice the questions given in the worksheet on area of a square and rectangle. We know the amount of surface that a plane figure covers is called its area.

1. Find the area of the square length of whose sides are given below:

(i) 15 m

(ii) 250 m

(iii) 25 cm

(iv) 40 cm

(v) 10 m

2. Fill in the blanks:








7 cm

12 cm

9 cm

18 cm


16 cm


4 cm

4 cm

7 cm


15 cm

16 cm





126 cm2

135 cm2


3. Which square unit would you use to measure the area of the given objects?

(i) This worksheet (A4 sheet) __________ .

(ii) The classroom floor  __________ .

(iii) The blackboard  __________ .

(iv) Your City  __________ .

4. Complete the given table:

Area and Perimeter of Square and Rectangle

5. Find the area of the given.

(i) Square of side 3.5 cm

(ii) Square of side 0.05 m

(iii) Rectangle of length 80 mm and breadth 30 mm

(iv) Rectangle of length 9 m and breadth 80 cm

Worksheet on Word Problems on Area of a Square and Rectangle:

6. Tara wants a new carpet for her rectangular dining room. Her dining room is a rectangle of 5 meters by 7 meters. What will be the area of her carpet that covers her entire dining room?

7. A carpet is 6 m long and 4.5 m wide. Find its area.

8. A square field has perimeter 540 m. What is the length of its side and area?

9. Find the area of the floor of a square room in square metres whose each side is 800 cm.

10. 100 bricks of length 24 cm and breadth 15 cm are used to tile a path of a garden. What is the area of the path?

11. How many bricks will be required to lay a path 120 m long and 2.4 m breadth if a brick is 24 cm long and 15 cm wide?

12. Find the cost of tiling a dining room 20 m long and 15 m wide at the rate of $ 5 per square m.

13. A carpet is 5 m long and 4 m wide. Find its price at the rate of $ 205 per square meter.

14. How many square tiles of side 10 cm will be required to tile a floor measuring 800 cm by 900 cm?

15. How many tiles of length 5 cm and breadth 8 cm are needed to tile the floor of a bed room 200 cm long and 400 cm wide?

16. What will be the area of a square with perimeter 200 m?

Answers for the worksheet on area of a square and rectangle are given below.


1. (i) 225 sq m

(ii) 62500 sq m

(iii) 625 sq cm

(iv) 1600 sq cm

(v) 100 sq m

2. (i) 28 sq cm

(ii) 48 sq cm

(iii) 63 sq cm

(iv) 7 cm

(v) 9 cm

(vi) 256 sq cm

3. (i) sq. cm

(ii) sq. m

(iii) sq. m

(iv) sq. km

(v) sq. mm

4. (i) 20 m, 72 m

(ii) 7 cm, 196 sq. cm

(iii) 21 m, 21 m, 441 sq. m

(iv) 140 mm

(v) 4 m, 16 m

5. (i) 12.25 sq cm

(ii) 0.0025 sq cm

(iii) 2400 sq mm

(iv) 72000 sq cm

6. 35 sq m

7. 27 sq m

8. 135 m, 18225 sq. m

9. 64 sq m

10. 36000 sq. cm

11. 8000 bricks

12. $1500

13. $ 4100

14. 7200 tiles

15. 2000 tiles

16. 2500 sq m

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