Math Conversion Chart

In math conversion chart we will learn about different types of conversions. we are going to observe math conversion table over here we will learn about units of length conversion chart, units of capacity and volume conversion chart, unit of mass and weight conversion chart, unit of time conversion chart, unit of temperature conversion chart. These are the different kinds of math conversion charts which are very important, useful and interesting to learn in math.

Conversion of Units of Measurement:

To convert from higher to a smaller unit, we multiply by 10 as shown below in the following table. To convert from smaller unit to a bigger unit, we divide by 10 as shown below in the table.

Learn the following relationships among various units of measurement as shown below in the chart of the table.

1 km = 10 hm

1 hm = 10 dam

1 dam = 10 m

1 m = 10 dm

1 dm = 10 cm

1 cm = 10 mm

1 kg = 10 hg

1 hg = 10 dag

1 dag = 10 g

1 g = 10 dg

1 dg = 10 cg

1 cg = 10 mg

1 kℓ = 10 hℓ

1 hℓ = 10 daℓ

1 daℓ = 10 ℓ

1 ℓ = 10 dℓ

1 dℓ = 10 cℓ

1 cℓ = 10 mℓ

1 mm = \(\frac{1}{10}\) cm

1 cm = \(\frac{1}{10}\) dm

1 dm = \(\frac{1}{10}\) m

1 m = \(\frac{1}{10}\) dam

1 dam = \(\frac{1}{10}\) hm

1 hm = \(\frac{1}{10}\) km

1 mg = \(\frac{1}{10}\) cg

1 cg = \(\frac{1}{10}\) dg

1 dg = \(\frac{1}{10}\) g

1 g = \(\frac{1}{10}\) dag

1 dag = \(\frac{1}{10}\) hg

1 hg = \(\frac{1}{10}\) kg

1 mℓ = \(\frac{1}{10}\) cℓ

1 cℓ = \(\frac{1}{10}\) dℓ

1 dℓ = \(\frac{1}{10}\) ℓ

1 ℓ = \(\frac{1}{10}\) dℓ

1 daℓ = \(\frac{1}{10}\) hℓ

1 hℓ = \(\frac{1}{10}\) kℓ

Math Conversion Chart

Metric conversions and customary unit conversion are very important to know while solving the questions. We will learn about metric and customary units of measurement in math conversion chart. We know that the standard unit of length is ‘meter’ which is written in short as ‘m’; we use capacity and volume for that the standard unit is ‘liter’ etc………… will be discussed in details.

Math Conversion Chart.

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