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Kids have fun while enjoying math coloring pages. Select your favorite math coloring pages and print out the coloring sheets you like best and let’s start coloring.

You can make your coloring colorful with different colors. You can also create numerous kindergarten math activities from just one of the coloring pages. It will not only entertain and give joy but will also lay down in the child’s mind certain basic rules in coloring pages. You can also practice the kindergarten math printable worksheets which will give knowledge on basic numbers.

We all know from our experience that math coloring pages is the only part of starting Mathematics 4 kids that will retain in the mind for kids. A child learns best through different activity to make it easier to understand. At every stage such an activity has been provided for kids to get more involvement in the learning material through coloring the pictures, joining the picture in number order, drawing the object that comes next in the order, coloring the odd one out from the pictures in order to fulfill the aims of teaching mathematics at the elementary stage. 

These free printable coloring sheets for kids intend to lay a foundation which will enable and encourage the children to discover and learn more about the preliminary mathematical facts. Sequence of coloring worksheets in the first step of learning math has been logically developed. 

Present is the age of competition so we have tried to create printable coloring pages so that children can take the print out and practice the color sheets in very easy procedure which creates thinking speed for preschool and kindergarten kids and reasoning power for competitive mind.

These fun math coloring pages are basically a self-help package for students to get basic or infant math concept.

We are giving some suggestion for using these printable coloring pages effectively. Whenever you start coloring a new math sheet headed and the understand or explain that part very clearly to the child and give him proper instructions as mentioned in the heading before he/she start to do the worksheet. Though adequate and varied numbers of math coloring pages are provided on joining the picture in number order from 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60 and so on…. ; color according to the number codes, drawing the object that comes next in the order, coloring the odd one out. These math worksheets can also be helpful practice during the Christmas holidays, easter holidays etc. to keep your kids busy in participating in the coloring pages worksheets.

We feel confident that this coloring sheets will prove very useful to teachers and parents for providing adequate understanding and grounding of the basic concepts for the beginners in mathematics to their children.

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 2

Coloring Page 3

Coloring Page 4

Coloring Page 5

Coloring Page 6

Coloring Page 7

Coloring Page 8

Coloring Page 9

Coloring Page 10

Coloring Page 11

Coloring Page 12

Coloring Page 13

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Worksheet on Joining Numbers

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