Color by Number Worksheets

In color by number worksheets kids will learn to draw as well as color the picture by following the number color codes. Kids will enjoy coloring by number codes which will help the preschoolers to identify numbers.

In preschool math coloring activities on numbers, kids just need to grab their favourite crayons or markers or water colors and enjoy coloring the sheet by choosing the right color by number to make a beautiful picture.

Color by Number Worksheets

Color it Red by recognizing the number code as 1.

Number Color Codes

Number Code 1

Color it Orange by recognizing the number code as 2.

Number Color Codes

Number Code 2

Color it Yellow by recognizing the number code as 3.

Coloring by Number Codes

Number Code 3

Color it Blue by recognizing the number code as 4.

Coloring by Number Codes

Number Code 4

Children will love to have fun by tracing the picture and then enjoy the free printable color by number worksheets. These worksheets are really great combination for children to learn drawing along with coloring and number recognition.

Trace the picture and then color identifying the number codes:

Number Code 1: Red

Number Code 2: Orange

Number Code 3: Yellow

Number Code 4: Blue

Color Identifying the Number Codes

Printable color by number worksheets is a great learning activity for preschool and homeschooling kids.

Parents and teachers can take the printouts of this color by number worksheets for kids and help the kids to practice these worksheets which are absolutely free. Take as many printouts you want so that kids can practice tracing the picture and also enjoy coloring the pages following the number codes to identify the numbers. These printable math coloring number worksheets for kids can be access by anyone from anywhere. Practice the worksheets one by one so that kids can improve coloring and number recognition.

Math Only Math is based on the premise that children do not make a distinction between play and work and learn best when learning becomes play and play becomes learning.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 2

Coloring Page 3

Coloring Page 4

Coloring Page 5

Coloring Page 6

Coloring Page 7

Coloring Page 8

Coloring Page 9

Coloring Page 10

Coloring Page 11

Coloring Page 12

Coloring Page 13

Color by Number Worksheets 14

Worksheet on Joining Numbers

Preschool Math Activities

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