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I am Priyanka Ghosh I have experience in teaching Mathematics for the past ten years in –Kolkata, India. This website has been launched keeping in mind the mental status of the students of all age groups.

Mathematics is part of science or group of subject related to science which is dealing with the logic of quantities, shapes, arrangements, process, rules and symbols.

It is an interesting subject if you understand the concept. Students of different backgrounds will find this site useful. Here we have solved and explained each and every topic of mathematics. Each topic provides the optimum amount of knowledge as required. Basic concepts have been explained through attractive examples and along with that many exercises on practice are added separately for all grades of students to improve your knowledge.

My Contact Details:

Priyanka Ghosh,

C/o - Paresh Nath Ghosh,

107/1, Dum Dum Road,

Near Ghughudanga Phari,

(Nakuleshwar Medical Hall),

Kolkata - 700074,

West Bengal,


Phone: 09432299811

Skype id: math-only-math

Email : priyanka.tuhin86@gmail.com

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