Color the Shapes

Color the shapes in geometry. Complete the drawing and color it colorfully according to the mentioned color.

This activity develops an understanding and learning the different types of shapes in geometry. All children aged between 3 years to 5 years can learn math as individuals without any assistance by practicing this shapes.

Kids can learn from here how to draw shapes like square, rectangle, triangle and circle. These math coloring worksheets on shapes motivate the kids to learn geometry.

Parents and teachers can also suggest and guide the students to complete the drawing and color the shapes. Children will have fun while coloring the pages. It will not only entertain and give joy but will also lay down in the child’s mind certain basic rules in coloring pages.

1. Select and color the shapes following the information.

Color the Shapes

To download the above picture Click Here.

(i) Color the square Orange.

(ii) Color the rectangle Yellow.

(iii) Color the circle Blue.

(iv) Color the triangle Green.

2. Draw a rectangle. Color it Brown.

3. Draw a triangle. Color it Pink.

Free kindergarten math printable worksheets have been graded systematically to help children progress naturally.

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