Word Problems on Decimals

Word problems on decimals are solved here step by step.

1. The product of two numbers is 42.63. If one number is 2.1, find the other.


Product of two numbers = 42.63

One number = 2.1

Other number = 42.63 ÷ 2.1

= 426.3 ÷ 21

Therefore, the other number is = 20.3

Answers: 20.3

2. John bought 9.25m of cloth for $425.50. Find the cost price per metre.


Cloth bought by John = 9.25 m

Cost of 9.25 m = $425.50

Cost per metre = 425.50 ÷ 9.25

= 42550 ÷ 925

The cost of the cloth per metre = $ 46

Answers: $46

3. One kg Basmati rice costs $ 43.75. Find the cost of 17 kg of rice.


Cost of 1 kg rice = 43.75

Cost of 17 kg rice = 43.75 × 17

Therefore, 17 kg rice cost $743.75

Answers: $743.75

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