To Measure the Length of a Line-segment

Here we will learn to measure the length of a line-segment.

Let there be a line-segment AB.

We have to measure its length.

To Measure the Length of a Line-segment

The scale is placed along the line-segment putting its zero (0) mark at A. We see the end B is at the 3 cm mark of the scale. So the length of the line-segment AB = 3 cm. 

To draw a line-segment of a given length say;

(i) 6 cm,

(ii) 6 cm 5 mm,

(iii) 8 cm 6 mm

(i) 20 cm scale is placed flat on the paper.

A point A is marked in front of the zero mark of the scale. Now in front of the 6 cm mark, another point B is marked. A line-segment AB is drawn from A to B.

Now the scale is removed.


AB is the required line-segment.

(ii) Similarly the. line-segments of length 6 cm 5 mm and 8 cm 6 mm are drawn. (Try to draw to draw the line)

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