Measuring Instruments

Measuring instruments used to measure the length.

(i) To measure long distances like length and breadth of a park or field we use measuring tapes. It is 50 cm or 100 cm or 250 cm or more in length. It is kept in a box and taken out when needed to measure.

Tailors and some other persons have a small measuring tape to measure the length of cloth and also small distances. Tailors also have a metre rod which is one metre long. It is also used to measure the length of cloth.

(ii) In schools and colleges we use meter-scales of one meter length, 30 cm scales and 15 cm scales.

We use 30 cm scale and 15 cm scale in our daily routine work, to draw line-segments of given measure and to measure the line-segments.

The tapes and meter-rod of meter-scale are used to measure the length and breadth of a room, table, blackboard, etc. and also the length of a piece of string, a piece of cloth, etc.

The small scales of measure 30 cm or 15 cm are used to measure the lengths of line-segments, chalk-pieces, the length of a pencil, etc.

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