Word Problems on Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers

We will learn how to solve step-by-step the word problems on multiplication and division of whole numbers. We know, we need to do multiplication and division in our daily life. Let us solve some word problem examples.

Word problems on multiplying and dividing of large numbers:

1. The cost of a chair is $980.50. Find the cost of such 2035 chairs.


Cost of a chair =                             980.50

Number of chairs =                         × 2035




                                             +  196100000

Cost of 2035 chairs =                  1995317.50

Therefore, cost of 2035 chairs is $1995317.50.

2. A tyre factory produces 6348 tyres a day. How many tyres will the factory produce in 460 days?


Number of tyres a tyre factory produces in one day =            6348

Number of day =                                                               × 460



                                                                               +  2539200

Total number of tyres produces in 460 days =                 2920080

Therefore, the tyre factory will produce 2920080 tyres in 460 days.

3. The cost of a flat is $4218000. If there are 36 similar flats in a building, how much money will be collected by selling all the flats?


Cost of one flat = $4218000

Number of similar flats = 36

Cost of 36 flats = $4218000 × 36

Word Problems on Multiplication of Whole Numbers

Hence, the money collected = $151848000

4. 470988 books are to be arranged equally in shelves. If 378 books are arranged in each shelf, how many shelves will be needed?


Total number of books = 470988

Number of books arranged in each shelf = 378

Number of shelves needed = 470988 ÷ 378

Word Problems on Division and Multiplication of Whole Numbers

Therefore, 1246 shelves needed to arrange 470988 books equally.

5. The cost of 534 train tickets was $457104. Find the cost of one ticket?


Number of train tickets = 534

Cost of 534 train tickets = $457104

Cost of 1 train ticket = 457104 ÷ 534

Word Problems on Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers

Therefore, cost of one train ticket is $856.

6. 36 families went on trip which cost them $1216152. If each family share the cost equally, how much did each family pay?


Total number of families = 36

Total cost paid by 36 families = $1216152

Cost paid by each family = $1216152 ÷ 36

Whole Numbers Division

Hence, cost paid by each family = $33782

● Operations On Whole Numbers

5th Grade Math Problems

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