Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers

We will learn how to solve step-by-step the word problems on addition and subtraction of whole numbers. We know, we need to do addition and subtraction in our daily life. Let us solve some word problem examples.

Word problems on adding and subtracting of large numbers:

1. The population of a country in 1990 was 906450600 and next year it is increased by 9889700. What was the population of that country in the year of 1991?

The population of a country in 1990 =                               906450600

Increased population by next year =                                 +  9889700

Total population of that country in 1991 =                          916340300

Therefore, the population of that country in the year of 1991 is 916340300.

2. Aaron bought two houses for $1668000 and $2454000. How much did he spend in all?

Cost of one house =                $ 1668000

Cost of other house =           + $ 2454000

Total cost of both houses =      $ 4122000

Amount of money spent in all $4122000.

3. The sum of two numbers is 41482308. If one number is 3918695 then, find the other number.

Sum of two numbers =          41482308

One of the number =           -  3918695

Second number =                 37563613

Therefore, the other number is 37563613.

4. Mr. Jones deposited $278475 in a bank in his account. Later he withdrew $155755 from his account. How much money was left in the bank in his account?

Amount deposited =     $ 278475

Amount withdrawn =  - $ 155755

Amount left =              $ 122720

Therefore, Mr. Jones has $ 122720in his bank account.

Note: We need to be careful while arranging the addends in columns.

5th Grade Math Problems

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