Worksheet on Multiplication and Division of Large Numbers

In worksheet on multiplication and division of large numbers we will get different questions for multiplying and dividing 7-digit, 8-digit and 9-digit numbers.

I. Find the following products:

(i) 86957 × 4365

(ii) 181828312 × 1075

II. Find the quotient and remainder:

(i) 75341 ÷ 42

(ii) 84538560 ÷ 2469

III. Word problems:

1. 392600 apples are packed equally in 1208 boxes. How many apples are packed in a box?

2. The product of two numbers is 819210. If one number is 658 then what is the other number?

3. The cost of a moped is $12876. Find the cost of 785 mopeds.

4. A factory produces 39486400 bolts in a year. 575 bolts are packed in a carton. How many cartons are required to pack the bolts produced in a year?

5. Multiply the largest 5-digit number by the smallest 4-digit number.

6. Find the least number that should be subtracted from 8656700 so that the result is exactly divisible by 634.

7. The weight of 826 bags of wheat is 82434 kg 800 g. What is the weight of 1 bag of wheat?

8. Multiply the largest 6-digit number by the smallest 5-digit number.

9. Divide the smallest seven digit number by 111.

10. If 8 bags of apple cost $9600, what is the cost of 624 bags of apples?

11. The cost 32 television sets is $640000. What is the cost 320 such television sets?

12. A maths book cost $136. What is the cost of 6285 such books?

13. If there are 60400 boxes. Each box holds 144 eggs. How many eggs are there in all?

14. 16 baskets hold 160 apples. How many apples are there in 32 baskets?

15. 25 people can eat 400 oranges. How many oranges are required for 65 people?

16. 50 people can fit in 6 rooms. How many people can fit in 60 rooms?

Answers for the worksheet on multiplication and division of large numbers are given below.


I. (i) 379567305

(ii) 195465435400

II. (i) quotient = 1793 remainder = 35

(ii) quotient = 34240 remainder = 0

III. 1. 325

2. 1245

3. $10107660

4. 68672 cartons

5. 99999000

6. 64

7. 99.800 kg

8. 9999990000

9. Quotient = 9009, remainder = 1

10. $748800

11. $6400000

12. $854760

13. 8697600 eggs

14. 320 apples

15. 1040 oranges

16. 500 people

5th Grade Math Problems

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