Worksheet on Temperature

In the worksheet on temperature we will solve 10 different types of questions.

1. Which is colder 32°F or 0°C?

2. Water boils at .............. °C and freezes at .................. °F.

3. Choose the correct one:

(i) Snowman can be made at temperature 25°F or 25°C.

(ii) In winter, we take a cup of coffee at 85°C / 85°F.

4. Liquid used in thermometers is called .............. .

5. Which thermometer has greater range?

6. Convert 194° F to the Celsius scale.

7. Convert 95° F to the Celsius scale.

8. Convert 80 °C to the Fahrenheit scale.

9. Convert 0 °C to the Fahrenheit scale.

10. Fill in the blanks:

The freezing point of water is ………. .

(ii) The boiling point of water is ………. .

(iii) The normal temperature of a healthy human body is …….. .

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Worksheet on Temperature.

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