A fraction with denominator 100 is called percentage and is denoted by the symbol %.

The word percent means per hundred or for every hundred. Thus, Clara got 83 marks out of 100 means; she got 83 percent marks.

Conversely, when a student scored 67 percent marks that means; the student scored 67 marks out of 100.

The symbol of percent is %.

Thus, 15 percent will be written as 15%

7/100 means 7%.

Conversely, 9% means 9/100.

For example:

(i) 20/100 = 20%

[It is read as 20 percent]

(ii) 15/100 = 15%

[It is read as 15 percent]

(iii) 5/100 = 5%

[It is read as 5 percent]

(iv) 71/100 = 71%

[It is read as 71 percent]

(v) 89/100 = 89%

[It is read as 89 percent]


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