Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Large Numbers

In worksheet on addition and subtraction of large numbers we will get different questions for adding and subtracting 7-digit, 8-digit and 9-digit numbers.

Note: To make it easy to add or subtract we can separate the periods with commas in the Indian system or International system.

I. Arrange in columns and add:

(i) 292342, 1454651 and 4681509

(ii) 40236754, 32133046 and 29517354

II. Arrange in column and find the difference of the following:

(i) 689318874 and 897545768

(ii) 80541658 and 65872549

III. Word problems:

(i) A soap factory produced 2692654 soaps in one year. In the next year it produced 867205 more. How many soaps did the factory produced in the second year?

(ii) In an election 23875501 votes were polled. There were three candidates in the election. Two of them got 9823823 and 11575923 votes respectively. How many votes were polled in favour of the third candidate?

(iii) In one year Mr. Daniel earned $257088, his wife earned $123672 and their son earned $96750. How much money did Mr Daniel’s family earn in one year?

(iv) A number when subtracted from 581641200 gives 392715315. Find the number.

(v) A large poultry farm produced 6452148, 7026075 and 8121236 eggs in three successive years. Find the total number of eggs produced in three years.

(vi) A number exceeds 64367484 by 6754165. What is that number?

(vii) Subtract the greatest 8-digit number from the smallest 9-digit number.

(viii) In a cold storage, there were 386532308 kg potatoes. If 364228208 kg potatoes are sold off then how many kg of potatoes are left in the godown?

Answers for the worksheet on addition and subtraction of large numbers are given below.


I. (i) 6428502

(ii) 101887154

II. (i) 208226894

(ii) 14669109

III. (i) 3559859 soaps

(ii) 2475755 votes

(iii) $477510

(iv) 188925885

(v) 21599459

(vi) 71121649

(vii) 1

(viii) 22304100

5th Grade Math Problems

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