Worksheet on Word Problems on Fractions

In worksheet on word problems on fractions we will solve different types of word problems on multiplication of fractions, word problems on division of fractions etc...

1. How many one-fifths are there in 200?

2. The product of 9/7 and a number is 63. Find the number.

3. Six-sevenths of a number is 36. Find the number.

4. 3/5 of a class of 45 are boys. Find the number of girls in the class.

5. Ronald drank orange juice from a 500 ml bottle. He found that 2/5 was remaining. How much did he drink?

6. Ron and two of his friends ate one-fourth each of an eight slice pizza. Find the remaining slice of the pizza.

7. Out of a class of 150, one-third opted for German, two-fifth for Italian and rest for French. Find how many opted for French?

8. Fifty divided by half minus forty. What is the answer?

9. Ninety five divided by one- fifth plus thirty five. What is the answer?

10. Rachel spends 1/4 of her pocket money on chocolates, 1/8 on pizza. At the end she had $ 40 left. How much did she have at the beginning?

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Worksheet on Word Problems on Fractions.

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