Problems on Multiplication of Fractional Numbers

Problems on multiplication of fractional numbers will give idea how to solve different types of word problems.

1. One meter of cloth costs $ 15   1/2. Find the cost of 14  1/2 meter of cloth.


Cost of 1 meter of cloth = $ 15  1/2

Length of the cloth = 14   1/2 meter

Cost of 14   1/2 meter of cloth = $ 15  1/2 × 14  1/2

                                             = $ (31/2 × 29/2)

                                             = $ 899/4

                                             = $ 224.75

2. 3/5 of a class of 45 are girls. Find the number of boys in the class.


Total number of student = 45

No. of girls = 45 of 3/5

= 45 × 3/5

= 9 × 3

= 27 girls. No. of boys = 45 – 27

= 18 boys.

Therefore, number of boys in the class = 18.

3. Mike had 3/4 of a chocolate bar. He ate 2/3 of it. How much part of the chocolate bar did he eat?


Mike ate 2/3 of ¾ of the chocolate bar

2/3 of 3/4 = 2/3 × 3/4

                     = 2 × 3/3 × 4

                     = 1/2

Therefore, Mike ate 1/2 of the chocolate bar.

4. If I sleep 6 hours daily, then what part of a day I spend in sleeping?


Time spend in sleeping a day = 6 hours then the part of a day I spend in sleeping = 6 hours/1 day

1 day = 24 hours

Therefore, required fraction = 6 hours/24 hours = 1/4.

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