Worksheet on Expressing Percent

In worksheet on expressing percent we will practice various types of questions on calculating percentage problems. To answer the questions review percentage of a number before practicing the sheet.

1. Express each of the following as a fraction and also as a decimal fraction:

(i) 20 %

(ii) 30 %

(iii) 12.5 %

(iv) 2.5 %

2. Rohit’s age is 12 years and Geeta’s age is 15 years. Express:

(i) Rohit’s age as a percent of Geeta’s age.

(ii) Geeta’s age as a percent of Rohit’s age.

3. Express the following:

(i) 15 as a percent of 20

(ii) 20 out of 30 as percent

(iii) 80 cm as percent of 5 m

4. Gopal deposits every $ 300 in his savings bank account every month from his salary. If his salary is $ 1,250 per month, what percent of his salary does he save?

5. The pass percent in an examination is 93 %. If 259 fails, how many candidates are there in all?

6. This year the profit of a factory was 15 % more than last year. This year the profit was $ 17,480. What was it last year?

7. The number of voters in a town is 1,20,000. Out of these, 75 % go for poll for an election between A and B, If B gets 45 % of the votes polled; find the votes polled for A.

8. Out of the monthly income of $ 2,500; a man spends $ 1,750. What percent of his income does he save every month?

9. Mr. Singh’s monthly salary is $ 15,000. This month he got promotion and an increment of $ 3,000 in his salary. Express his increment as a percent of his original salary per month.

10. The price of an article decreased from $ 20 to $ 16; find the percentage decrease.

11. After a decrease of 35 %; a number becomes 520. Find the original number.

Answers for the worksheet on expressing percent are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.



1. (i) 1/5 = 0.2

(ii) 3/10 = 0.3

(iii) 1/8 = 0.125

(iv) 1/40 = 0.025

2. (i) 80 %

(ii) 125 %

3. (i) 75 %

(ii) 662/3 %

(iii) 16 %

4. 24 %

5. 3700

6. $ 15,200

7. 49,500

8. 30 %

9. 20 %

10. 20 %

11. 800

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