Worksheet on Finding Percentage

In worksheet on finding percentage (%) we will practice various types of questions on calculating percentage. To answer the questions review ‘how much percentage one quantity is of another?’ and ‘percentage of a number’ before practicing the sheet.

1. In each case given below; express the first quantity as the percent of the second:

(i) 4, 16

(ii) 0.2, 1

(iii) 60 ¢, $ 2.40

(iv) 70 cm, 3.5 m

(v) 500 gm, 2 kg

2. Find the percentage change from first quantity to the second:

(i) $ 80, $ 120

(ii) 75 kg, 60 kg

(iii) 50 cm, 45 cm

3. A class has 30 boys and 20 girls. Find:

(i) the percentage of girls in the class.

(ii) the percentage of boys in the class.

(iii) percentage of number of boys as compared with number of girls.

4. A man left behind $ 20,000 in cash. Of this, 20 % was to be given in charity and the remaining divided equally between his two sons. Determine the amount to be given charity and to each of his sons.

5. A student secures 40 % of the maximum marks to pass. He gets 60 marks and fails by 20 marks. Find the maximum marks.

6. Allowing a discount of 12 %, the price of a washing machine is $ 6,160. What is the original price?

7. A man’s net income, after paying income tax at 20 % is $ 55,640. Find his gross income.

8. Mrs. Sharma went to the market with $ 800 in her purse. When she returned back to her home, $ 240 were still left in her purse. How much percent of her money did she spend in the market?

9. Out of 900 identical articles, 60 % are sold and 135 were spoiled. Find the percentage of the remaining article on the whole.

10. Out of 1,200 identical articles, 47 % are given to A and 35 % are given to B. Find the actual number of remaining articles.

11. A boy gets 150 marks out of a total of 200. Express his score as percent.

Answers for the worksheet on finding percentage (%) are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.



1. (i) 25 %

(ii) 20 %

(iii) 25 %

(iv) 20 %

(v) 25 %

2. (i) 50 % increase

(ii) 20 % decrease

(iii) 10 % decrease

3. (i) 40 %

(ii) 60 %

(iii) 150 %

4. $4,000, $8,000, $8,000

5. 200

6. $ 7,000

7. $ 69,550

8. 70 %

9. 25 %

10. 216

11. 75 %

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