Worksheet on Finding Value of a Percentage

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on finding value of a percentage.

We know, to find how much per cent one quantity is of another; suppose the value of x % of a quantity be y

The value of x % = y

Therefore, the value of 1 % = y/x

The value of 100 % = y/x × 100

Thus, the value of quantity = y/x × 100

Thus, the value of a quantity when the value of its certain percent is known = (given value/given percentage) × 100

1. Find x if:

(i) 9 % of x is $36              

(ii) 1/2 % of x is 250         

(iii) 4.3 % of x is 86 kg     

(iv) 62 % of x is 372

(v) 70 % of x is 14 minutes           

(vi) 25 % of x is 30 days

2. Find the number whose 13 % is 780.

3. If 2.5 % of a number is 400, find the number.

4. Find the number if 12 % of it is 144.

5. Find the number if 2.3 % of it is 920.

6. Fill in the blanks:

(i) 25 is 10 % of ____.

(ii) 78 is 30 % of ____.

(iii) $102 is 24 % of ____.

(iv) 144 kg is 36 % of ____.

7. Find the number whose 12  1/2 % is 64.

8. What is the number, 6  1/4 % of which is 2?

9. If 6 is 50 % of a number, what is that number?

10. Find the following:

(i) 8 is 4 % of which number.

(ii) 6 is 60 % of which number.

(iii) 6 is 30 % of which number.

(iv) 12 is 25 % of which number.

11. An agent gets commission at the rate of 12  1/2 % on the business done by him. In a particular week, he does a business of $50000, find his commission.

12. Mack bought 90 apples from the market, out of which 20 % were rotten. Find the number of good apples.

Answers for the worksheet on finding value of a percentage are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. (i) $400

(ii) 50000

(iii) 2000 kg

(iv) 600

(v) 20 minutes

(vi) 120 days        

2. 6000                 

3. 16000               

4. 1200 

5. 40000               

6. (i) 250

(ii) 260

(iii) $425

(iv) 400 kg

7. 512

8. 32

9. 12

10. (i) 200

(ii) 10

(iii) 20

(iv) 48

11. $6250

12. 72 apples.

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