Worksheet on Percentage of a Given Quantity

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on percentage of a given quantity.

We know, to determine the exact value of a percent of a given quantity we need to express the given percent as fraction and multiply it by the given number.

1. If a man spends 70 % of his income, what % does he save?

2. A girl gets 65 marks out of 80. What percent marks did she get?

3. An alloy contains 64 % of zinc. How many kg of alloy is required to get 372 kg of zinc?

4. A classroom contains 25 children, out of which 6 are girls. What percentage of the class are boys?

5. Steve deposits $ 1800 per month in his savings bank account. If this is 20 % of the monthly income, find his monthly income.

6. A tin contains 20 litres of petrol. Due to leakage, 3 litres of petrol is lost. What percent is still present in the tin?

7. In an election, a candidate got 82 % votes. He won the election beating his rival candidate by 576 votes. How many votes were polled?

8. A boy got 60 out of 80 in French, 70 out of 90 in English and 35 out of 40 in Mathematics. In which subject his percentage of marks is best?

9. Arthur did not go to school for 36 days in a year. If his absence from school is 15 %, find the number of days the school opened.

10. In a camp, there were 500 solders. 60 more solders joined them. What percent of the earlier (original) number have joined?

11. Gunpowder contains 65 % nitre, 15 % sulphur and the rest of it is charcoal. Find the amount of nitre, sulphur and charcoal in 8 kg of gun powder.

12. In a plot of ground of area 6000 sq. m, only 4500 sq. m. is allowed for construction. What percent is to be left without construction?

13. In a school there are 1800 boys and 1200 girls. In an exam only 32 % of the boys passed and 50 % of the girls passed. Find the percentage of the total who did not pass.

14. Mr. Baker has a monthly salary of $ 7,500. If he spends $ 6,250 every month; find:

(i) his expenditure as percent.

(ii) his savings as percent.

(iii) his total savings in one year.

15. Thomas scored 90 % marks in maths, 85 % in science, 80 % marks in social sciences and 75 % in languages. If the maximum mark in maths is 200, in science 150, in social sciences 150 and languages 100, find his aggregate percentage.

Answers for the worksheet on percentage of a given quantity are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. 30 %

2. 81.25 %

3. 581.25 kg

4. 76 %

5. $9000

6. 85 %

7. 900 votes       

8. Mathematics (87.5 %)

9. 240 days

10. 12 %

11. Nitre 5 kg 200 grams, sulphur 1 kg 200 grams and charcoal 1 kg 600 grams.

12. 25 %

13. 60.8 %

14. (i) 831/3 %

(ii) 162/3 %

(iii) $ 15,000       

15. 83.75 %

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