Worksheet on Percent Problems

In worksheet on percent problems we will practice various types of questions on calculating percentage problems. To answer the questions review application of percentage before practicing the sheet.

1. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The symbol of percent is …………………..

(ii) The word ‘cent’ means …………………..

(iii) \(\frac{39}{100}\)is same as …………………..

(iv) 0.19 in percent form can be written as …………………..

(v) \(\frac{7}{25}\)= …………………..%

2. Express each of the following percent (%):

(i) 3/5

(ii) 11/2

(iii) 3/10

(iv) 13/20

(v) 0.86

(vi) 0.73

(vii) 3.28

(viii) 1.073

3. In each case, given below, express the second quantity as the percent of the first:

(i) 5, 4

(ii) 4, 5

(iii) 5 m, 80m

(iv) 0.8, 0.6

(v) 3, 1.8

(vi) 1.8, 1.35


4. Find the resulting (increased or decreased) quantity due to:

(i) 15 % increase in 38 kg

(ii) 121/2% increase in $ 450

(iii) 71/3 % decrease in 36

5. Mr. Sharma has a monthly salary of $ 7, 500. If he spends $ 6,250 every month, find his expenditure and savings in percent?

6. In a school there are 1500 boys and some are girls. If the number of boys are 75 %, calculate the number of girls.

7. A man bought an old car and spent 20 % of the cost on repairs. If his total cost including repairs was $ 1,20,000, at what price did he buy the car?

8. The total capacity of a tank is 200 litres. At present it is 60 % full with water. Some water is taken from the tank and it is found that the tank is now 35 % full. Find the quantity of water taken.

9. In a mixture of two liquids A and B: 35 % is liquid B. If the total quantity of the mixture is 20 kg; find the quantity of A, by weight, in the mixture.

10. The price of an article increased from $ 16 to $ 20; find the percentage increase.

11. After an increase of 20 %; a number becomes 540. Find the original number.

12. Mr. Mohan saves 33 % of his income, what percent of his income does he spend?

13. There are 250 students in grade V. Out of these 100 are girls. What percent of students are girls? What percent of students are boys?

14. David read 150 pages of a book. If the book contains 200 pages, what percent of the book has David read?

15. 20% of the trees in an orchard are orange trees. If there are 50 orange trees, what is the total number of trees in the orchard?

Answers for the worksheet on percent problems are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.

Worksheet on Percent Problems


1. (i) %

(ii) One hundred

(iii) 39%

(iv) 19%

(v) 28%

2. (i) 10 %

(ii) 331/3 %

(iii) 20 %

(iv) 162/3 %

(v) 100 %

(vi) 81/3 %

(vii) 112/3 %

3. (i) 80 %

(ii) 125 %

(iii) 16 %

(iv) 75 %

(v) 60 %

(vi) 70 %

4. (i) 43.75 kg

(ii) $ 506.25

(iii) 33.36

5. Expenditure 831/3 %, Savings 162/3 %

6. 500

7. $ 1,00,000

8. 50 litres.

9. 13 kg

10. 25 %

11. 450

12. 67 %

13. 40% girls 60% boys

14. 75%

15. 10

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