Worksheet on Word Problems on Percentage

In worksheet on word problems on percentage we will practice some real life problems on percent (%).

1. Out of a salary of $4500, I kept 1/3 as savings. Out of the remaining money, I spend 50 % on food and 20 % on house rent. How much do I spend on food and house rent?

2. A certain school has 120 teachers. If this constitutes 30% of its workforce, find the number of employees in the school.

3. Rachael gets 94 marks in her exams. These are 47% of the total marks. Find the maximum number of marks.

4. A tank can hold 50 liters of water. At present, it is only 30 % full. How many liters of water shall I pit in the tank, so that it is 50 % full?

5. Pat's income is 20 % more than Adam. How much percent is Adam's income less than Pat's?

6. Morgan bought a pair of shoes at a sale of 25%. If the amount she paid was $1000, find the marked price.

7. In an election, there are a total of 80000 voters and there are two candidates, X and Y. 80 % of the voters go for polls out of which 60 % vote for X. How any votes does Y get?

8. A cricket team won 60% of the total matches it played during the year. If it lost 24 matches in all and no matches were drawn, find the number of matches played during the year.

9. Jack bought 4 dozen eggs at $10 per dozen. 6 eggs were broken. What percent of his money goes waste?

10. An agent of an insurance company gets a commission of 5 % on the basic premium he collects. What will be the commission earned by him if he collects $4800?

11. There are 80 coins of $5 in the purse. These coins constitute 20 % of its total coins. How many coins are there in the purse?

12. Mack requires 40 % to pass. If he gets 190 marks and falls short by 10 marks, what are the maximum marks he could have got?

13. There are 442 boy students in class VIII. If 15% of the students are girls, find the total number of students in class VIII.

14. Ron scored 20 out of 25 marks in English, 30 out of 40 marks in Science and 68 out of 80 marks in mathematics. In which subject his percentage of marks is best?

15. Max requires 50 % to pass. If he gets 280 marks and falls short by 20 marks, what were the maximum marks he could have got?

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on percentage are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. Food: $1500; house rent: $600 and on both: $2100

2. 400   

3. 200   

4. 10 liters

5. 162/3 %

6. $1336               

7. 25600

8. 60      

9. 12.5 %

10. $240

11. 400 coins      

12. 500 marks    

13. 520    

14. Mathematics (85 %)

15. 600 

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