Word Problems on Percentage

Word problems on percentage will help us to solve various types of problems related to percentage. Follow the procedure to solve similar type of percent problems.

Word problems on percentage:

1. In an exam Ashley secured 332 marks. If she secured 83 % makes, find the maximum marks.


Let the maximum marks be m.

Ashley’s marks = 83% of m

Ashley secured 332 marks

Therefore, 83% of m = 332

⇒ 83/100 × m = 332

⇒ m = (332 × 100)/83

⇒ m =33200/83

⇒ m = 400

Therefore, Ashley got 332 marks out of 400 marks.

2. An alloy contains 26 % of copper. What quantity of alloy is required to get 260 g of copper?


Let the quantity of alloy required = m g

Then 26 % of m =260 g

⇒ 26/100 × m = 260 g

⇒ m = (260 × 100)/26 g

⇒ m = 26000/26 g

⇒ m = 1000 g

3. There are 50 students in a class. If 14% are absent on a particular day, find the number of students present in the class.


Number of students absent on a particular day = 14 % of 50

                                          i.e., 14/100 × 50 = 7

Therefore, the number of students present = 50 - 7 = 43 students.

4. In a basket of apples, 12% of them are rotten and 66 are in good condition. Find the total number of apples in the basket.


Let the total number of apples in the basket be m

12 % of the apples are rotten, and apples in good condition are 66

Therefore, according to the question,

88% of m = 66

⟹ 88/100 × m = 66

⟹ m = (66 × 100)/88

⟹ m = 3 × 25

⟹ m = 75

Therefore, total number of apples in the basket is 75.

5. In an examination, 300 students appeared. Out of these students; 28 % got first division, 54 % got second division and the remaining just passed. Assuming that no student failed; find the number of students who just passed.


The number of students with first division = 28 % of 300

                                                             = 28/100 × 300

                                                             = 8400/100

                                                             = 84

And, the number of students with second division = 54 % of 300

                                                                        = 54/100 × 300


                                                                        = 162

Therefore, the number of students who just passed = 300 – (84 + 162)

                                                                           = 54

Questions and Answers on Word Problems on Percentage:

1. In a class 60% of the students are girls. If the total number of students is 30, what is the number of boys?

Answer: 12

2. Emma scores 72 marks out of 80 in her English exam. Convert her marks into percent.

Answer: 90%

3. Mason was able to sell 35% of his vegetables before noon. If Mason had 200 kg of vegetables in the morning, how many grams of vegetables was he able to see by noon?

Answer: 70 kg

4. Alexander was able to cover 25% of 150 km journey in the morning. What percent of journey is still left to be covered?

Answer: 112.5 km

5. A cow gives 24 l milk each day. If the milkman sells 75% of the milk, how many liters of milk is left with him?

Answer: 6 l

Word Problems on Percentage

6. While shopping Grace spent 90% of the money she had. If she had $ 4500 on shopping, what was the amount of money she spent?

Answer: $ 4050

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