Worksheet on Angles

In worksheet on angles you will solve 10 different types of questions on angles.

1. Classify the following angles into acute, obtuse, right and reflex angle:

(i) 35°

(ii) 185°

(iii) 90°

(iv) 92°

(v) 260°

2. Measure these angles:


3. Use your protractor to draw these angles:

(i) 40°

(ii) 125°

(iii) 25°

4. Identify which of the following pairs of angles are complementary or supplementary?

(i) 70°, 20°

(ii) 20°, 170°

(iii) 50°, 145°

(iv) 125°, 55°

(v) 105°, 75°

(vi) 55°, 35°

5. Find the complement of each of the following angles:

(i) 40°

(ii) 27°

(iii) 35°

6. Find the supplement of each of the following angles?

(i) 100°

(ii) 90°

(iii) 110°

(iv) 107°

7. Draw a pair of supplementary angles such that one of them measures:

(i) 120°

(ii) 90°

8. Construct the angles of the following measures with the help of a compass:

(i) 150°

(ii) 90°

(iii) 120°

9. An angle whose measure is less than 90° is called an ……………… .

10. An angle measure 0° is called a …………….. .

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