Classification of Triangle

In classification of triangle there are six elements in a triangle, that is, three sides and three angles. So, classification of triangle is done on the base of these elements.

Triangles are classified in two ways:

(i) On the basis of sides and,

(ii) On the basis of angles.

According to Sides

1. Scalene Triangle:

A triangle in which all the three sides are unequal in length is called a scalene triangle.

Scalene Triangle


6 cm > 5 cm > 4.5 cm.

2. Isosceles Triangle:

A triangle in which two of its sides are equal is called isosceles triangle.

Isosceles Triangle

PQ = PR = 6 cm.

3. Equilateral Triangle:

A triangle in which have all its three sides equal in length is called an equilateral triangle.

Equilateral Triangle

LM = MN = NL = 5.5 cm

According to Angles

1. Acute Triangle:

A triangle which has all the three angles acute that is, less than 90°, is called an acute angled triangle or acute triangle.

Acute Triangle

2. Obtuse Triangle:

A triangle whose one angle is obtuse or more than 90° but less than 180° is called an obtuse angled triangle or obtuse triangle.

Obtuse Triangle

3. Right Triangle:

A triangle whose one angles is a right angle (that is 90°) is called a right angled triangle or right angle.

Right Triangle

Classification of Triangle


Classification of Triangle.

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