5th Grade Geometry Worksheet

In 5th Grade Geometry Worksheet we will classify the given angles as acute, right or obtuse angle; using a protractor, find the measure of the given angle, classify the given triangle and circle the numbers with right angles.

1. Write 3 examples of right angles.

2. Name the angles the hour hand makes on the clock face when the time is:

(i) 10 to 3

(ii) 10 to 9

(iii) 6 : 00

(iv) 20 minutes past 11

(v) 12 : 15

3. How many right angle turns does a soldier make one after the other when he does an “about turn”?

4. All the angles around the middle point of a clock will add to ………………

5. Find the number of triangles in the given figure. How many of these are:

Find the Number of Triangles

(i) Right Triangle

(ii) Acute Triangle

(iii) Obtuse Triangle

6. Classify the given angles as acute, right or obtuse angle.

(i) 112°

(ii) 84°

(iii) 120°

(iv) 90°

(v) 180°

(vi) 72°

7. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The triangle with all the three sides equal is called an ……………………. triangle

(ii) The measure of straight angle is …………………….

(iii) The measure of each angle of equilateral triangle is …………………….

(iv) The acute angle lies between ……………………. degrees and ……………………. degrees.

(v) The angle made by hour hand showing time 10 : 10 on the clock …………………….

8. Using a protractor, find the measure of each of the given angle.

Measuring Angles Using Protractor

(i) ∠DOC

(ii) ∠DOB

(iii) ∠COB

(iv) ∠COA

(v) ∠BOF

9. Classify the given triangle.

(i) Sides of triangle are 7 cm, 7 cm and 7 cm

(ii) Angles of triangle is 85°, 60° and 35°

(iii) Angles of triangle is 60°, 60° and 60°

(iv) Sides of triangle are 5 cm, 13 cm and 12 cm

(v) Angles of triangle is 120°, 25° and 35°

10. Circle the numbers with right angles.

Numbers with Right Angles

Answers on 5th Grade Geometry Worksheets are given below to check the exact answers of the questions. 


1. Corners of a room, corners of a book and set square.

2. (i) Obtuse

(ii) Acute

(iii) Straight

(iv) Obtuse

(v) Right

3. Two

4. 360°

6. (i) Obtuse

(ii) Acute

(iii) Obtuse

(iv) Right

(v) Straight

(vi) Acute

7. (i) Equilateral

(ii) 180°

(iii) 60°

(iv) 0, 90°

(v) 10

8. (i) ∠DOC = 60°

(ii) ∠DOB = 90°

(iii) ∠COB = 30°

(iv) ∠COA = 120°

(v) ∠BOF = 150°

9. (i) Equilateral

(ii) Acute-angled

(iii) Equilateral

(iv) Scalene

(v) Obtuse-angled

10. 5, 4

5th Grade Math Problems

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