Worksheet on Circle

In worksheet on circle we will solve different types of question in circle.

1. The following figure shows a circle with centre O and some line segments drawn in it. Classify the line segments as radius, chord and diameter:

(i) OA = ………………..

(ii) OB = ………………..

(iii) OC = ………………..

(iv) EF = ………………..

(v) MN = ………………..

(vi) PQ = ………………..

2. Observe the circles given below and identify.


(a) Radius = …………………………

(b) Diameter = …………………………

(c) Chord = …………………………


(a) OT, OS, OP, OR

(b) PR

(c) PQ

3. Observe the circles given below and identify.


Label the centre as O

Draw 2 radius OQ and OR

Draw the chord ZR


Circle Answer

4. Draw a radius, diameter, chord in the given circle using the points. Also measure the length of radius and diameter.


(i) Radius = ……………… = ……………… cm

(ii) Diameter = ……………… = ……………… cm

(iii) Highlight the circumference by using green color.

(iii) Highlight the chord by using blue color.


(i) OB, OA, OC = 2 cm

(ii) BC = 4 cm


Circle Answer

5. With the help of a compass, draw a circle of radius:

(i) 4.5 cm.

(ii) 5.2 cm

6. Draw a circle of radius 6 cm.

7. Draw a circle of diameter 5.5 cm.

8. Draw a circle with centre C and radius 4.7 cm. Mark point P,Q,R such that P lies in the interior of the circle, Q lies on the circle and R lies in the exterior of the circle.

9. Draw a circle using ruler and compass.

(i) Radius = 4 cm

(ii) Diameter = 6 cm

(iii) Diameter = 8 cm

(iv) Radius = 3.5 cm

10. Draw a circle whose diameter is 10 cm. Find its radius.

11. Find the radius if the diameter of the circle is:

(i) 12 cm

(ii) 32 cm

(iii) 28 m

(iv) 36 cm


(i) 6 cm

(ii) 16 cm

(iii) 14 m

(iv) 18 cm

12. Find the diameter if the radius of the circle is:

(i) 11 cm

(ii) 7 m

(iii) 10 cm

(iv) 17 cm


(i) 22 cm

(ii) 14 m

(iii) 20 cm

(iv) 34 cm

13. With a same circle, draw three circles first with radius 2 cm. second with radius 3 cm and third with radius 4 cm.

14. A circle has a radius 7 cm. Find the length of the longest chord of this circle.

15. State whether each of the following statement is true or false.

(i) Each radius of a circle is also a chord of the circle ............ .

(ii) Each diameter of a circle is also a chord of the circle ............ .

(iii) The centre of a circle bisects each chord of the circle ............ .

(iv) A circle is a polygon

(v) A circle is a closed figure without corners.

(vi) The chord of a circle is also its radius.

(vii) The chord of a circle can be equal to the diameter of a circle.

(viii) The diameter represents the length of a circle.


(i) False 

(ii) True

(iii) False

(iv) False

(v) True

(vi) False

(vii) True

(viii) False

16. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Circle:

   Tick (the correct option.

(i) In a circle, the area bounded by an arc and two radii joining the centre to the end- points of the arc is called a

(a) sector;     (b) segment;     (c) arc;     (d) secant

(ii) The radius of a circle of diameter 20.4 cm is

(a) 20.4 cm;     (b) 11.8 cm;     (c) 10.2 cm;     (d) 5.1 cm

(iii) The area bounded by a diameter and the semicircle is called

(a) minor segment;     (b) major segment;     (c) semi-circular region;     (d) perimeter


16. (i) (a) sector

(ii) (c) 10.2 cm

(iii) (c) semi-circular region

17. From the adjoining figure, name the following:

(i) Radius

(ii) Diameter

(iii) Chord

(iv) Semi-circle

Circle Math Example


17. (i) OA, AO

(ii) BC

(iii) PQ

(iv) BC, BPQAC

Worksheet on Circle

18. A circle with centre I is given below. Fill in the blanks:

Circle Math Prob

(i) IM is the __________ of the circle.

(ii) HQ is the __________ of the circle.

(iii) PQ is the __________ of the circle.

(iv) PM is an __________ of the circle.

(v) The name of the circumference of the circle is __________.


18. (i) radius

(ii) chord

(iii) radius

(iv) arc


19. Find the radius of the circle whose diameter is:

(i) 20 cm

(ii) 32 cm

(iii) 30 cm

(iv) 72 cm

(v) 12 cm

(vi) 14 cm

(vii) 36 cm

(viii) 44 cm

(ix) 18 cm

(x) 28 cm


19. (i) 10 cm

(ii) 16 cm

(iii) 15 cm

(iv) 36 cm

(v) 6 cm

(vi) 7 cm

(vii) 18 cm

(viii) 22 cm

(ix) 9 cm

(x) 14 cm

20. Find the diameter of the circle whose radius is:

(i) 4 cm

(ii) 18 cm

(iii) 12 cm

(iv) 7 cm

(v) 3 cm

(vi) 11 cm


20. (i) 8 cm

(ii) 36 cm

(iii) 24 cm

(iv) 14 cm

(v) 6 cm

(vi) 22 cm

21. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A circle consists of an infinite number of __________. 

(ii) All radii of a circle are __________. 

(iii) The longest chord of a circle is known as __________. 

(iv) The boundary of a circle is known as its __________. 


21. (i) raddi

(ii) equal.

(iii) diameter



22. If the diameter of a pan pizza is 18 cm, then find the length of the straight sides of the pizza slice.

Diameter of a Pan Pizza

(i) Diameter = ………………

(ii) Radius = ………………

(iii) Side of the pizza slice.


(i) 18 cm

(ii) 9 cm

(iii) 9 cm

23. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A diameter of a circle is a chord that ………..through the centre.

(ii) A radius of a circle is a line segment with one end point ………….. and the other end…………… .

(iii) If we join any two points on a circle by a line segment. We obtain a …………… of the circle.

(iv) Any part of a circle is called an ……………. of the circle.

24. Choose the right answer. 

(i) The circle with a radius 6 cm will have the diameter of __________.

(a) 11 cm          (b) 12 cm          (c) 13 cm          (d) 14 cm

(ii) A circle has __________ lines of symmetry.

(a) 5          (b) 10          (c) 15          (d) infinite


24. (i) (b) 12 cm

(ii) (d) infinite

25. For the given circle:

(i) Name the Diameters

(ii) Name the Radii

(iii) Count the number of chords


26. Using a compass draw a circle of radius 5 cm. Name its centre as P. Draw and mark:

(i) A radius LN

(ii) A diameter XY.

To download the above Worksheet on Circle Click Here.

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