2nd Grade Math Worksheets

2nd grade math worksheets is carefully planned and thoughtfully presented on mathematics for the students.

Teachers and parents can also follow the worksheets to guide the students. In 2nd grade math sheets all the topics questions are covered. These worksheets can be used for home work practice also. All types of questions are covered in the homework sheets for example Geometrical Shapes, Two Dimensional Shapes and Lines, Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers, Numbers up to One Thousand, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Measurement of Length, Measurement of Mass, Measurement of Capacity, Measurement of Time, Money, Data Patterns, etc…..

2nd grade math lessons are followed by worksheets for the young learners for more and more practice to make their skills perfect that is learned in the lessons. According to your own choice select any second grade worksheets to increase your knowledge.

Second grade math worksheets add a special flavour and kindle the interest and enthusiasm of the students. If a student have any doubts in any of the particular question in the worksheets or in any questions he/she can contact me or can send me a mail with that particular question. As soon as I see your question I will surely reply within 24 hours with the step by step solution along with the explanation of that particular question.

Below are the given links to find the worksheet of your choice that contains free printable 2nd grade worksheets for your kids or students and they will have fun while practicing the sheets.

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2nd Grade Math Test Paper

1. (i) Write the order of letter "N" in the word, MANGO.

(ii) Write the odd numbers between 20 to 40.

(iii) Write the place value of 8 in 869.

(iv) What comes before and after 645?

(v) Arrange 654, 645, 456 and 546 in ascending order.

(vi) How many centimetres are there in 1 metre?


1. (i) third

(ii) 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37 and 39

(iii) 800

(iv) 644; 646

(v) 456, 546, 645, 654

(vi) 100 centimetres

2. Solve:

(i) 312 + 475 = _____

(ii) 67 + 25 = _____

(iii) 374 - 240 = _____

(iv) 58 - 29 = _____


2. (i) 787 

(ii) 92

(iii) 134

(iv) 29

3. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A rectangle has _____ sides and _____ corners.

(ii) A cuboid has _____ rectangular faces.

(iii) A cone has _____ faces.

(iv) An almirah is in the shape of a _____.

(v) A sphere has _____ edge.

(vi) A cone has _____ edge.

(vii) A cuboid has _____ faces.

(viii) A cylinder has _____ vertex.

(ix) A sphere has _____ face.


3. (i) 4; 4

(ii) 6

(iii) 2

(iv) cuboid

(v) 0

(vi) one

(vii) 6

(viii) 0

(ix) 0

4. Do the following additions:

(i) 12 m 32 cm + 4 m 50 cm = __________

(ii) 35 m 24 cm + 15 m 59 cm = __________

(iii) 20 kg 309 g + 13 kg 210 g = __________

(iv) 84 kg 507 g + 38 kg 265 g = __________

(v)  36 ℓ 380 mℓ + 24 ℓ 610 mℓ = __________

(vi) 37 ℓ 613 mℓ + 21 ℓ 82 mℓ = __________


4. (i) 16 m 82 cm 

(ii) 50 m 83 cm

(iii) 33 kg 519 g

(iv) 122 kg 772 g

(v)  60 ℓ 990 mℓ 

(vi) 58 ℓ 695 mℓ

5. Answer the following questions:

(i) Which is the second day of the week?

(ii) Which day comes in between Wednesday and Friday?

(iii) Which month has least number of days?

(iv) How many months have 31 days each?

(v) Name the hottest season?

(vi) How many paise make one rupee?


5. (i) Monday

(ii) Thursday

(iii) February

(iv) 7

(v) summer

(vi) 100 paise

6. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks:

2nd Grade Math Worksheet

(i) The bird is flying __________ the tree.

(ii) The dog is sitting __________ the tree.


6. (i) over

(ii) under

7. Write the number of lines in the boxes:

2nd Grade Math Test


7. (i) Horizontal lines:     2

(ii) Vertical lines:             0

(iii) Slanting lines:           4

8. (i) A room has 8 chairs. Find the total number of chairs in 6 rooms.

(ii) A packet contains 9 balloons. How many packets will have 81 balloons?


8. (i) 48 chairs

(ii) 9 packets 

2nd Grade Math Worksheets

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2nd Grade Number Worksheets

2nd Grade Numbers:

2nd Grade Number Word Problems:

2nd Grade Order of Operations:

Worksheet on Number Sense:

Worksheet on Numbers from 100 to 199:

Worksheet on Numbers from 200 to 299:

Worksheet on Numbers from 300 to 399

Worksheet on Numbers from 400 to 499

Worksheet on Numbers from 500 to 599

Worksheet on Numbers from 600 to 699

Worksheet on Numbers from 700 to 799

Worksheet on Numbers from 800 to 899

Worksheet on Numbers from 900 to 999

Worksheet on Numeration:

Worksheet on Three-digit Numbers:

Worksheet on Three-digit Numerals:

2nd Grade Numerals:

2nd Grade Numbers Worksheet

Grade 2 Numbers Worksheet:

2nd Grade Addition Worksheets

Worksheet on Adding One Digit:

Worksheet on Adding Two Digit:

Worksheet on Adding Three Digit:

Worksheet on Adding Numbers in Expanded Form:

Worksheet on Problems Involving Addition:

Worksheet on 2-digit Addition with Carrying:

Worksheet to Find the Sum using Addition Property:

Worksheet on Adding Three Numbers of 2-Digit with Carrying:

Worksheet on Operation of Addition:

2nd Grade Addition Worksheet:

2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Worksheet on Problems Involving Subtraction:

Worksheet on Subtracting Two Digit:

Worksheet on Subtracting Three Digit:

Worksheet on Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers with Borrowing:

Worksheet on Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers with Borrowing:

Worksheet to Find the Difference using Subtraction Property:

Worksheet on Operation of Subtraction:

2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheet:

Worksheet on Add and Subtract 1-Digit Number:

Worksheet on Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers:

2nd Grade Multiplication Worksheets

Worksheet on Basic Multiplication Facts:

Worksheet on Multiplying 1-Digit Numbers:

Worksheet to Find the Product using Multiplication Property:

Worksheet on Multiplying One Digit:

Worksheet on Multiplying 2-Digit Number by 1-Digit Number:

Worksheet on Problems Involving Multiplication:

Worksheet on Multiplication Times Tables:

Worksheet on Operation of Multiplication:

2nd Grade Division Worksheets

Worksheet on Problems Involving Division:

Worksheet on Division using Multiplication Table:

Worksheet on Operation of Division:

2nd Grade Fundamental Operation Worksheets

Worksheet on Fundamental Operations:

Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Worksheet:

2nd Grade Fundamental Operations:

2nd Grade Pattern Worksheets

Worksheet on Basic Pattern:

2nd Grade Measurement Worksheets

Worksheet on Measuring Length:

2nd Grade Measurement of Length Worksheet:

Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Measuring Length:

Worksheet on Measuring Mass:

Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Measuring Mass:

Worksheet on Measuring Capacity:

Worksheet on Addition and Subtraction of Measuring Capacity:

Worksheet on Measuring Time:

Worksheet on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

Worksheet on Days of the Week:

Worksheet on Months and Days:

2nd Grade Measurements Worksheet:

2nd Grade Geometry Worksheets

Worksheet on Fundamental Concepts of Geometry

2nd Grade Money Worksheets

Worksheet on Rupees and Paise:

Worksheet on Sum and Difference of Rupees and Paise

Worksheet on Sum and Difference of Money:

2nd Grade Money Worksheet 1:

2nd Grade Money Worksheet 2:

Math Homework Sheets 

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