Worksheet on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Practice the worksheet on yesterday, today and tomorrow, the questions are based on the sequence of the week-days, their names and order.

We know, the present day is today, the day before today is yesterday and the day after today is tomorrow.

1. How many days are there in a week?

2. Name all the days of a week.

3. Which is the first day of the week?

4. Which is the last day of the week?

5. Which day comes after Wednesday?

6. What is the name of the third day of the week?

7. Fill in the blanks:

(i) __________ comes before Tuesday.

(ii) __________ comes before Friday.

(iii) Saturday comes after __________.

(iv) Thursday comes after __________.

(v) __________ comes after Saturday.

8. (i) Today is Monday. Which day was yesterday?

(ii) Today is Tuesday. Which day is tomorrow?

9. (i) Today is Friday. Which day is tomorrow?

(ii) Today is Wednesday. Which day was yesterday?

10. Write the names of days being yesterday and tomorrow of:

          Yesterday                       Day                      Tomorrow

       __________                     Saturday               __________

       __________                     Sunday                 __________

       __________                     Tuesday                __________

       __________                     Thursday               __________

       __________                     Monday                 __________

       __________                     Wednesday            __________

       __________                     Friday                   __________

11. If today is Monday, yesterday was Sunday. Which day will it be tomorrow?

12. (i) Two days just before Friday are __________ and __________.

(ii) Two days just after Monday are __________ and __________.

Answers for the worksheet on yesterday, today and tomorrow are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions of the seven days in a week.


1. seven days.

2. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3. Sunday

4. Saturday

5. Thursday

6. Tuesday

7. (i) Monday

(ii) Thursday

(iii) Friday

(iv) Wednesday

(v) Sunday

8. (i) Sunday

(ii) Wednesday

9. (i) Saturday

(ii) Tuesday

10.   Yesterday                     Day                       Tomorrow

           Friday                      Saturday                    Sunday

         Saturday                     Sunday                     Monday

          Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday

        Wednesday                  Thursday                    Friday

          Sunday                       Monday                    Tuesday

          Tuesday                    Wednesday                Thursday 

         Thursday                      Friday                     Saturday

11. Tuesday

12. (i) Wednesday and Thursday

(ii) Tuesday and Wednesday

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