Worksheet on Problems Involving Subtraction

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on problems involving subtraction or descriptive questions on subtraction. In our daily life we face various problems; some of these problems may be solved by the process of subtraction of numbers given in the problems. So we must read the questions carefully to identity simple problems involving subtractions.

1. A fruit-seller had 84 mangoes. He sold 54 mangoes. How many mangoes were left?

2. Ron had 72 chocolates in a box. He gave 44 chocolates to his friends. How many chocolates are left?

3. There are 58 boys and 29 girls in a group. Who are more in number? How many more are they than the other?

4. A bus has 56 seats. 38 seats are occupied by passengers. How many seats are vacant?

5. Victor obtained 65 marks in a test. David obtained 73 marks. Who obtained more marks and by how much?

6. Ben sold 152 mobile phones and Rex sold 139. Who sold more mobile phones and how many more?

7. There are 953 students in a school in the year 2010. Out of them 138 failed. How many students passed?

8. A school has 891 students altogether. 154 students were absent on Friday. How many students were present on Friday?

9. Alex planted 263 small plants. Out of these 154 died. How many plants lived?

10. Rose has 105 pencils. She distributed 81 pencils among her friends. How many pencils are left with her?


Answers for the worksheet on problems involving subtraction are given below to check the exact answers of the simple word problems.


1. 30 mangoes

2. 28 chocolates

3. Boys are more in number; 29

4. 18 seats

5. David obtained more marks; 8 marks more

6. Ben sold more mobile phones; 13 mobile phones

7. 815 students passed

8. 737 students

9. 109 plants lived

10. 24 pencils

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