2nd Grade Money

Practice the sample questions on 2nd grade money. The questions are based on rupees and paise, writing the amounts in words and figures, sum and difference of the given amounts and word problems of money.

1. Write in words:

(i) Rs. 3.75

(ii) Rs. 1.16

(iii) Rs. 13.10

(iv) Rs. 4.50

(v) Rs. 21.25

2. Write in figures:

(i) Five rupees and sixty paise

(ii) One rupee and ten paise

3. (i) How many 20 paise coins are there in 6 rupees?

(ii) How many 50 paise coins are there in 6 rupees?

4. (i) Add 5 rupees 30 paise and 60 rupees 25 paise.

(ii) Subtract 15 rupees 25 paise from 28 rupees 35 paise.

(iii) Write two value of money which are available in both coins and notes.

5. (i) One each of 1 rupee coin, 20 paise coin and 10 paise coin amount to = ______

(ii) David has a 5-rupee coin. He gives this coin to a shopkeeper against the cost of a pencil for Rs 2.00. How much does the shopkeeper return to David?

6. The cost of a shirt is Rs. 225. What will be the cost of 8 such shirts?

7. My father had Rs. 367 with him. He gave my brother Rs. 279. How much money is now left with him?

8. Fill in the blanks:

(i) 10 paise + 10 paise + 50 paise = ________

(ii) 25 paise + 50 paise + 25 paise = ________

(iii) 1 rupee + 20 paise + 50 paise = ________

(iv) 25 paise + 20 paise + 50 paise = ________

(v) 10 paise + 10 paise + 25 paise = ________

Answers for the 2nd grade money are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. (i) Three rupees and seventy five paise.

(ii) One rupee and sixteen paise

(iii) Thirteen rupees and ten paise

(iv) Four rupees and fifty paise

(v) Twenty-one rupees and twenty five paise

2. (i) Rs. 5.60

(ii) Rs. 1.10

3. (i) 30

(ii) 12

4. (i) 65 rupees 55 paise

(ii) 13 rupees 10 paise

(iii) The two value of money are 2 and 5 which are available in both coins and notes.

5. (i) Rs. 1.30

(ii) Rs. 3.00

6. Rs. 1800

7. Rs. 88

8. (i) 70 paise

(ii) 1 rupee

(iii) 1 rupee and seventy paise

(iv) 95 paise

(v) 45 paise

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