Worksheet on Sum and Difference of Rupees and Paise

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on sum and difference of rupees and paise. The questions are based on finding the sum and difference of the amount of money and word problems on money.

1. Find the sum of:

(i) Rs. 8 and paise 25 + Rs. 4 and paise 40

(ii) Rs. 18 and paise 40 + Rs. 20 and paise 25

(iii) Rs. 112 and paise 45 + Rs. 235 and paise 45

(iv) Rs. 58 and paise 70 + Rs. 21 and paise 25

2. Find the difference of:

(i) Rs. 75 and paise 85 - Rs. 15 and paise 25

(ii) Rs. 127 and paise 35 - Rs. 27 and paise 20

(iii) Rs. 239 and paise 65 - Rs. 112 and paise 25

(iv) Rs. 460 and paise 95 - Rs. 21 and paise 45

3. A pencil box costs 25 rupees and a note book costs 15 rupees. How much money is needed to pay for both?

4. The price of a bag is 55 rupees and the price of a purse is 75 rupees. How much do we have to pay for both?

5. Soni had a 100 rupee note. She buys a book for 65 rupees. How much money is left after paying for the book?

6. Sunil buys a pen for 15 rupees. He gives the shopkeeper a 50 rupee note. How much money does the shopkeeper return to Sunil after deducting the cost of the pen?

Answers for the worksheet on sum and difference of rupees and paise are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. (i) Rs. 12 and paise 65

(ii) Rs. 38 and paise 65

(iii) Rs. 347 and paise 90

(iv) Rs. 79 and paise 95

2. (i) Rs. 60 and paise 60

(ii) Rs. 100 and paise 15

(iii) Rs. 127 and paise 40

(iv) Rs. 439 and paise 50

3. 40 rupees

4. 130 rupees

5. 35 rupees

6. 35 rupees

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