Worksheet on Problems Involving Addition

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on problems involving addition or descriptive questions on addition. In our daily life we face various problems; some of these problems may be solved by the process of addition of numbers given in the problems. So we must read the questions carefully to identity simple problems involving additions.

1. There are 36 students in class I and 38 students in Class II of a school. How many students are there in both the classes?

2. There are 129 pages in Carol’s Mathematics book and 164 pages in her English book. How many pages are there in these two books?

3. There are 283 apples and 317 oranges in a basket. How many fruits were there in the basket?              

4. There are 368 marbles in a sack. 439 more marbles were put in it. How many marbles are there in the sack now?

5. A shopkeeper sold 296 cookies in a week and 173 cookies in the next week. How many cookies did he sell?

6. Rachel bought 297 balloons, 465 toffees and 165 pencils. Find the total number of things did she buy?

7. There are 215 tomatoes, 197 onions and 298 carrots in a basket. How many vegetables were there in the basket?       

8. An ice-cream parlor sold 218 vanilla ice-creams, 108 strawberry ice-creams and 256 chocolate ice-creams. How many ice-creams did the ice-cream parlor sell?

9. A man earns $451 per month and his elder son earns $375 per month. What is the total income of the family?

10. In a school, there are 235 students in preschool and 387 students in elementary. How many students are there in school?

Answers for the worksheet on problems involving addition are given below to check the exact answers of the simple word problems.


1. 74 students

2. 293 pages

3. 600 fruits

4. 807 marbles

5. 469 cookies

6. 927

7. 710 vegetables

8. 582 ice-creams

9. $826

10. 622 students

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