2nd Grade Math Worksheet 8

Practice free printable 2nd grade math worksheet 8 for kids which are mainly followed by the second grade math lessons. Various types of questions are covered in this sheet.

1. The cost of a shirt is $ 225. What will be the cost of8 such shirts? 

2. Shelly had 64 sweets. She gave 4 sweets to each of her friends. How many friends got the sweets? 

3. The roll number of Sam, Shelly, Sid, Sandy are 25, 26, 27 and 28. If these students are in your class who is the 27ᵗʰ Student of your class? 

4. (i) Write in compact form: 700 + 60 + 3

(ii) Write in words the number 709. 

5. Add:

(i) 297 + 538

(ii) 401 + 699

6. Subtract:

(i) 903 – 295

(ii) 752 - 474

7. Multiply:

(i) 369 × 7

(ii) 709 × 9

8. Divide:

(i) 64 ÷ 4

(ii) 81 ÷ 3

9. (i) Find the place values of 0 and 9 in the number 907.

(ii) Fill in the gaps with + or -, or × or ÷ as the case may be:

(a) 5 ____ 7 = 35

(b) 18 ____ 11 = 29

(c) 27 ____ 8 = 19

(d) 16 ____ 4 = 4

10. (i) There are 670 students in a school.

(a) If there are 400 boys, how many girls are there?

(b) If the students sit in 67 rows and each row has an equal number of students, find the number of students in each row.

(ii) Find the number:

(a) 2 more than (3 × 7)

(b) 5 less than (5 × 9)

Parents and teachers can encourage the children to practice the 2nd grade math worksheet 8. Take the print-out of this sheet and then quickly grab a pencil to answer the 10 questions one-by-one.

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