Worksheet on Problems Involving Division

Practice the basic questions in the worksheet on problems involving division. Use the statement to solve the word problems and divide to find the quotient.

1. 8 pencils cost $32. What is the cost of one pencil?

2. 56 chocolates are distributed among 7 children. How many chocolate will each child get?

3. Kelly bought 24 sweets. She distributed equal number of sweets among 6 friends. How many sweets were given to each friend?

4. 30 balloons are to be distributed equally among 6 children. How many balloons will each child get?

5. A milkman has 72 milk bottles. How many containers are required to store these bottles if 9 bottles are placed in one container? 

6. We know one week has 7 days. How many weeks will be there in the month of February of 28 days?

7. A fruit-seller packed 90 apples equally in 9 packets. How many apples are there in each packet?

8. $54 is to be shared by 6 boys. What will be the share of each boy?

9. In a school there are 35 children in Class I. If 5 children can sit on a bench, how many benches are needed to seat all the children of class I?

10. There are 75 flowers of which 5 garlands are to be made. How many flowers will each garland have?

11. What is the quotient and remainder of 81 divided by 9?

12. What is the quotient of 49 ÷ 7?

13. Ken distributed 20 cookies among 5 children. How many cookies does each children get?

Answers for the worksheet on problems involving division are given below to check the exact answers of the above problems.                                                       


1. $4

2. 8 chocolates

3. 4 sweets

4. 5 balloons

5. 8 containers

6. 4 weeks

7. 10 apples

8. $9

9. 7 benches

10. 15 flowers

11. 9

12. 7

13. 4 cookies

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