Worksheet on Problems Involving Multiplication

Practice the set of questions provided in the worksheet on problems involving multiplication. To solve the problems use multiplication times tables to find the product of the numbers.

1. There are 48 cookies in a packet. How many cookies are there in 3 packets?

2. The cost of a book is $58. Find the cost of 8 such books.

3. Rachael spends $36 daily in purchasing vegetables and fruits. How much money will she spend in 5 days for this purpose?

4. A technician earns $75 daily. How much money will he earn in 4 days?

5. There are 30 bottles of milk in a crate. How many bottles of milk are there in 6 crates?

6. In a row there are 23 scouts. How many scouts are there in 7 rows?

7. There are 72 seats in a school bus. How many seats are there in 4 such buses?

8. A fruit-seller got 9 baskets of mangoes. If there 45 mangoes in each baskets, How many mangoes did he buy?

9. What will be the product when 57 is multiplied by 9?

10. There are 7 days in a week. How many days are there in a year having 52 weeks and one day?

11. There are 10 pencils in a pencil box along with a sharpener. How many pencil are there in 8 such boxes and how many sharpeners?

12. In each class of a school there are 65 students. How many students are there if the school has 8 classes?

Answers for the worksheet on problems involving multiplication are given below to check the exact answers of the basic word problems.                                                        


1. 144 cookies

2. 464 books.

3. $180

4. $300

5. 180 bottles.

6. 161 scouts.

7. 288 seats.

8. 405 mangoes.

9. 513

10. 365

11. 80 pencils, 8 sharpeners.

12. 520 students.

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