2nd Grade Math Worksheet 5

Geometry questions on 2nd grade math worksheet 5 for kids. The questions are based on geometrical shapes like rectangle, square, triangle and circle.

1. Identify and name the given shapes in the space provided:

2. How many corners can you see in the given figures?

all geometrical shapes for kids

3. Color the geometric figures according to the mentioned color:

(i) The small circles in black color.

(ii) All the triangles in green color.

(iii) All the rectangles in green color.

(iv) The squares in blue color.

4. Construct a rectangle, a triangle and a square with the help of scale and pencil.

5. How many corners and sides are there in a quadrilateral?

6. How many days are there in a week? Name them.

7. Fill in the blanks: 

(i) A cube has _____________ plane surfaces. These surfaces are _____________.

(ii) A cuboid has six _____________ surfaces.

(iii) A _____________ has _____________ surfaces, two plane and one curved.

(iv) A cone has _____________ surfaces, one curved and the other, a plane surface.

(v) A prism has _____________ surfaces, three rectangular planes and two triangular.

(vi) A sphere has a _____________ surfaces.

(vii) A globe is an example of _____________.

(viii) A roller is an example of _____________.

(ix) The almirah has the shape of a _____________.

8. Name the figures which have 4 sides and ……..

(i) opposite side equal,

(ii) all the sides equal.

9. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A square has all its sides _____________.

(ii) A rectangle has opposite sides _____________.

(iii) A triangle has _____________ sides.

10. See and count the number of triangles in each of the following figures:

count the number of triangles

Try to answer the questions on 2nd grade math worksheet 5and the color the figures according to the mentioned color.

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