Worksheet on Numbers from 300 to 399

Worksheet on numbers from 300 to 399 will help us to practice the numbers from 300 to 399 in orders.

1. Fill in the missing numbers.

2. Write the number words for the following numbers:

(i) 325

(ii) 308

(iii) 317

(iv) 356

3. Name the hundreds, tens and ones for each number.

(i) 300                    ____ hundreds ____ tens ____ ones

(ii) 351                   ____ hundreds ____ tens ____ ones

(iii) 387                  ____ hundreds ____ tens ____ ones

(iv) 392                 ____ hundreds ____ tens ____ ones

4. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The greatest 3-digit number is ________.

(ii) The least 3-digit number is ________.

(iii) The number just after 3 hundreds 9 tens is ________.

(iv) The place value of 5 in 357 is ________.

5. Answer the following questions:

(i) Find the difference of the place value of 3 and 7 in the number 375.

(ii) Multiply the place value of 1 in 175 by the place value of 5.

(iii) What are the even numbers between 311 and 319?

(iv) Work out the difference: 300 - (92 ÷ 4)

6. Write the compact numeral:

(i) 300 + 60 + 2

(ii) 300 + 0 + 9

Answers for the worksheet on numbers from 300 to 399 are given below to check the exact answers.



2. (i) three hundred twenty five

(ii) three hundred eight

(iii) three hundred seventeen

(iv) three hundred fifty six

3. (i) 3 hundreds 0 tens 0 ones

(ii) 3 hundreds 5 tens 1 ones

(iii) 3 hundreds 8 tens 7 ones

(iv) 3 hundreds 9 tens 2 ones


4. (i) 999

(ii) 100

(iii) 391

(iv) 5 tens

5. (i) 230

(ii) 500

(iii) 312, 314, 316 and 318

(iv) 277

6. (i) 362

(ii) 309

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