Worksheet on Average

In worksheet on average we will solve 10 different types of question.

1. Fill in the blanks:

Worksheet on Average

2. Fill in the blanks:

Averages Worksheet

3. Find the average of first 10 prime numbers.

4. The average height of a family of five is 150 cm. If the heights of 4 family members is 153, 150, 151 and 152, find the height of the fifth member.

5. The following are the scores of Sam, John and George in a certain year:

Word Problems on Average

(i) Whose average is the best and by how much?

(ii) Against which country did they score more than their individual average?

6. Find the average of first ten odd numbers.

7. Find the average of 1 hour 25 minutes, 2 hours 40 minutes, 3 hours 35 minutes and 4 hours.

8. Ryan covered a distance of 42 km in 3 hrs and a further distance of 44 km in 4 hrs. Find his average speed.

9. The average of 20 numbers is 75. The number 86 was incorrectly read as 68 while calculating. Find the correct average.

10. The total sales in a coffee shop for a week are $ 9723.00. What is the average sale per day?

● Average

Word Problems on Average

Worksheet on Average

Worksheet on word Problems on Average

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