2nd Grade Measurement of Length Worksheet

In 2nd grade measurement of length worksheet we will solve the problems on non-standard unit of length, standard unit of length, using a scale, using a ruler and word problems on measurement of length.

I. Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks:

Books Length

(i) The book is about ………… erasers long.

(ii) The book is about ………… pencils long.

(iii) The book is about ………… clips long.

II. Name the following measurements:

Measurements Name

III. Choose the right word:

(i) The standard unit of length is ………….… (meter/handspan).

(ii) The length of longer objects is measured in ………….… (meter/centimeter).

(iii) The length of smaller objects is measured in ………….… (meter/centimeter).

(iv) 1 meter = ………….… (1000 centimeter/100 centimeter).

IV. Patricia has a ribbon which is 1 m long and Paulina has a 500 cm long ribbon. Whose ribbon is longer?

V. Look at the following pictures and answer the questions.

Length of a Line and Key

(i) The straight line is _______ cm long.

(ii) The key is _______ cm long.

VI. Choose the correct word and fill in the blanks.

(i) A cloth merchant uses a ______ to measure the cloth.

(meter rod/ruler)

(ii) A mason uses a ______ to measure the wall.

(ruler/metre tape)

(iii) Students use a ______ to measure the length of a line.

(ruler/meter rod)

VII. Measure the length of the strings using a ruler and write it in the box given below.

Length of the Strings

VIII. Andrew's bat is 1 m long and Samuel's bat is 90 cm long. Whose bat is longer? ______

2nd Grade Math Practice

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