Worksheet on Fundamental Concepts of Geometry

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on fundamental concepts of geometry. The questions are related to the basic geometrical shapes with which we are already familiar with.

1. Fill in the blanks:

Fundamental Concepts of Geometry


Point Picture

is at point ____ on the line AB.


Point Pic

is at point ____ on the line AB.


Point Image

is at point ____ on the line AB.


Point Apple

is at point ____ on the line AB.

2. Draw line segments EF and GH which cut each other. Label the point which is on both line segments as point K.

3. Draw figures by joining the line segments named below:

(i) AB, BC and CA, (example is shown)

Draw Line Segments

(ii) ZY, YX, XW and WZ

Join the Points

(iii) PQ, QR and RP

Join the Points P, Q and R

(iv) AB, BC, CD, DE and EA

Join the Points A, B, C, D and E

4. Look for at least 3 objects of different shapes in your surroundings like classroom, garden, your home and prepare a table writing the names of objects against each shape.

Shape                                   Name of objects




5. Count how many circles, squares, rectangles and triangles are there in the given picture. Color different shapes in different color:

Circle – Blue

Square – Red

Rectangle – Green

Triangle – Yellow

Count and Color the Shapes

6. Name the points:

(i) inside the circle

(i) inside the triangle

(i) inside the rectangle

Name the Points

7. Measure the lengths of AB and BC in centimeters.

(i) AB = _____ cm

(ii) BC = _____ cm

(iii) AB + BC = _____ cm

Measure the Length AB and BC

8. The figure is made up of:

(i) _____ curved lines

(ii) _____ straight lines

Count Curved and Straight Lines

Answers for the worksheet on fundamental concepts of geometry are given below to check the exact answers of the basic questions on geometry.


1. (i) P

(ii) Q

(iii) R

(iv) S

4. Shape                                               Name of objects

Rectangle                               pencil box, book and bench

Square                                  chess board, square stamps, tiles on the floor

Circle                                    pizza, cookies and wheels                           

6. (i) the points inside the circle are A, B, D and F

(i) the points inside the triangle are D, E and F

(i) the points inside the rectangle are B, C and F

8. (i) 5 curved lines

(ii) 7 straight lines

2nd Grade Math Practice

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