Worksheet on Days of the Week

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on days of the week. We know, 7 days makes one week.

Starting from the first day of the week, the names of different days of the week are:

First day                                               Sunday

Second day                                           Monday

Third day                                              Tuesday

Fourth day                                            Wednesday

Fifth day                                              Thursday

Sixth day                                              Friday

Seventh day                                         Saturday

The short forms for the days of the week are written are as follows:

Sunday                                                 Sun.

Monday                                                Mon.

Tuesday                                               Tues.

Wednesday                                           Wed.

Thursday                                              Thurs.

Friday                                                  Fri.

Saturday                                              Sat.

Now we know the names of all the days of the week. The extra questions (for sharp students) are related to the name of the days that comes before after between.

Fun with days of the week!

1. How many days are there in a week?

2. What is the name of the first day of a week?

3. What is the name of the fourth day of a week?

4. What is the name of the third day of a week?

5. What is the name of the last day of a week?

6. Write the name of the day that comes before:

(i) ____________ comes before Monday.

(ii) ____________ comes before Friday.

(iii) ____________ comes before Saturday.

(iv) ____________ comes before Wednesday.

(v) ____________ comes before Sunday.

(vi) ____________ comes before Tuesday.

(vii) ____________ comes before Thursday.

7. Write the name of the day that comes before:

(i) Sunday comes after ____________.

(ii) Tuesday comes after ____________.

(iii) Saturday comes after ____________.

(iv) Monday comes after ____________.

(v) Wednesday comes after ____________.

(vi) Friday comes after ____________.

(vii) Thursday comes after ____________.

8. Write the name of the day that comes before:

(i) Friday ____________ Sunday.

(ii) Monday ____________ Wednesday.

(iii) Saturday ____________ Monday.

(iv) Tuesday ____________ Thursday.

(v) Sunday ____________ Tuesday.

(vi) Wednesday ____________ Friday.

(vii) Thursday ____________ Saturday.

2nd Grade Math Practice

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