2nd Grade Money Worksheet

In 2nd grade money worksheet we will solve the problems on writing amount in words and figures, conversion of money and word problems on money.

1. Write T for true and F for false.

(i) Rs. is written after the amount

(ii) p is written before the amount.

(iii) A dot is used to separate rupees from paise.

(iv) 10 rupees is available in both coin and note.

2. Fill in the blanks.

(i) 2 notes of Rs. 50 is equal to _____.

(ii) 2 notes of Rs. 10 is equal to _____.

(iii) 2 coins of 50p is equal to _____.

(iv) 2 notes of Rs. 100 is equal to _____.

3. Match the following.

Match the following Money

4. How many Rs. 10 notes should Triya get for exchanging Rs. 50?

5. Nitheeya goes to a shop to buy some items. Look at the picture and answer the following question.

Shop and Money

(i) Which is the item that costs the most? _____

(ii) How much does a pencil box costs? _____

(iii) If Henry has Rs. 5 only which item can he buy from this shop?

(iv) What is the least number of Rs. 10 coins David should use to pay for a box of crayon?

(v) What is the item that costs the least? _____

(vi) Write in words the cost of the water bottle? _____


1. (i) F

(ii) F

(iii) T

(iv) T

2. (i) Rs. 100

(ii) Rs. 20

(iii) Rs. 1

(iv) Rs. 200

3. (i) → 3

(ii) → 1

(iii) → 4

(iv) → 2

4. 5 notes.

5. (i) Crayon Box.

(ii) Rs. 35

(iii) Eraser.

(iv) 5 coins

(v) Eraser.

(vi) Rs. 20.50

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