Division of Money

In division of moneywe will learn how to divide the amounts of money by a number. The process of division of money is performed as the ordinary division of a number.

Worked-out examples on division of money by a number:

1. Divide 75 paisa by 5


Division of Money

Hence 75 paisa ÷ 5 = 15 paisa = Re. 0.15

2. Divide Rs. 92 by 4


Division of Money Problem

Hence Rs. 92 ÷ 4 = Rs. 23 or Rs. 23.00

3. Divide Rs. 66.00 by 4


Division of Money Example

Hence Rs. 66 ÷ 4 = Rs. 16.50

4. Divide Rs. 38.58 by 6


Division of Money Questions

Hence Rs. 38.58 ÷ 6 = Rs. 6.43

5. Divide Rs. 62 by 7


Division of Money Image

Hence, on dividing Rs. 62 by 7 we get the quotient is Rs. 8.85 and the remainder is Re. 0.05 or 5 paisa.

6. If Ron distribute Rs. 39.60 among 6 boys, how much will each boy get?


Division of Money Picture

Hence, each boy will get Rs. 6.60

The above examples on division of money will help the students to practice the worksheet on dividing the amounts of money by a number.

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