Addition of Money

In addition of money we will learn how to add the amounts of money involving rupees and paisa together. We carryout with money the same way as in decimal numbers. While adding we need to follow that the amounts of money is converted into paisa.

We will learn two different methods to solve addition involving rupees and paisa. Students can practice both the methods. 

(i) Adding the amounts with conversion into paisa

(ii) Adding the amounts without conversion into paisa

1. Addition with conversion:

All the given amounts are converted into paisa. The obtained numbers are added as ordinary numbers and then the sum is expressed in rupees and paisa.

Addition in money by using conversion method we convert rupees and paise into paise and then add as usual as ordinary numbers. If required finally we put the dot after two digits from the right.

Consider some of the examples:

1. Add 25.30 and Rs 40343 without regrouping.


     Rs  25.30                        2530 paise

+   Rs  40.43                    +  4043 paise

                                           6573 paise           

We can also write 6573 paise as Rs 65.73

2. Add 71.55 and Rs 81.56 with regrouping.


     Rs  71.55                        7155 paise

+   Rs  81.56                    +  8156 paise

                                          15311 paise     

We can also write 15311 paise as Rs 153.11

2. Addition without conversion:

(i) Rupees and paisa are arranged in columns. The decimal points are exactly in one line.

(ii) The given amounts are added as ordinary numbers.

(iii) The decimal point is placed in the sum.

Addition in money by using without conversion method we arrange the amount in columns i.e., paise under paise, rupees under rupees and dot under dot. Now add as usual as ordinary numbers.

Mary went to the shop and bought apples for Rs. 45.50 and oranges for Rs 57.63. How much money did she spend in all?

Let us help Mary in finding the total amount she spent in the shop. To find this, we need to add Rs. 45.50 and Rs. 57.63.

To add, we will arrange the amount in columns i.e., paise under paise, rupees under rupees and dot under dot. Now, add them as usual like ordinary numbers.

Step I: Arrange Rs. and paise in columns.

Step II: Add 45.50 + 57.63

3rd Grade Addition of Money


                  1 1

            Rs. 4 5 . 5 0

    +      Rs. 5 7 . 6 3

        Rs. 1 0 3 . 1 3    

In this, the dots are exactly one below the other.

Thus, Mary spent Rs. 103.13 p

Note: We write 00 in place of paise when the amount does not have paise in it.

Consider some of the examples on Addition of Money:

1. Add Rs 24.52 and Rs 15.23

     Rs 25.30

+   Rs 40.43

     Rs 39.75

2. Add Rs 65.56 and Rs 72.67

     Rs  65.56

+   Rs  72.67

    Rs 138.23

3. Add Rs. 15.35, Rs. 45.29 and Rs. 16.45


We arrange rupees and paise in columns and add them as whole numbers.

                         1 5 . 3 5

                         4 5 . 2 9

                     +  1 6 . 4 5  

                         7 7 . 0 9  

Hence, Rs. 15.35 + Rs. 45.29 + Rs. 16.45 = Rs. 77.09

Addition of Money

Questions and Answers on Addition of Money:

I. Add the following arranging Rs. and paise in columns:

(i) Rs. 37.42 p + Rs. 16. 05 p

(ii) Rs. 76.56 p + Rs. 9.58 p

(iii) Rs. 80. 80 p + Rs. 76.50 p

(iv) Rs. 50.00 p + Rs. 34.79 p

(v) Rs. 190.60 p + Rs. 76.50 p

(vi) Rs. 45.50 p + Rs. 57.63 p


I. (i) Rs. 53.47

(ii) Rs. 86.14

(iii) Rs. 157.30

(iv) Rs. 84.79

(v) Rs. 267.10

(vi) Rs. 103.13


II. Add the following:

(i) Rs. 56.35 p + Rs. 28.65 p

(ii) Rs. 132.04 p + Rs. 37.90 p

(iii) Rs. 145.00 p + 136.86 p

(iv) Rs. 32.80 p + 132.30 p

(v) Rs. 125.00 p + Rs. 42.25 p + Rs. 8.10 p


II. (i) Rs. 85.00

(ii) Rs. 169.94

(iii) Rs. 281.86

(iv) Rs. 165.10

(v) Rs. 175.35

III. Add the follolwing:

(i) 15 rupees 35 paise and 10 rupees 65 paise.

(ii) Rs. 1.50 + 10 p + 20 p + 30 p


III. (i) Rs. 26

(ii) Rs. 2.10

IV. Solve the following:

(i) $19.50 + $106.25

(ii) $201.20 + $100.80


IV. (i) $125.75

(ii) $302.00

V. A shirt cost Rs. 325 and a pair of shoes cost Rs. 610. Richard buys a shirt and a pair of shoes. How much money Richard pays for the shirt and shoes together?


V. Richard pays Rs. 935

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