Worksheet on Multiplication of Money

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on multiplication of money. This sheet provides different types of questions on multiplying the amount of money by a number; arrange in columns the amount of rupees and paisa and then multiply the amount by a number to find the product and word problems on multiplication of money.

1. Multiply the following:

(i) Rs. 14 × 5

(ii) 8 paisa × 9

(iii) 35 paisa × 6

(iv) Rs. 52 × 10

(v) Rs. 25 × 7

(vi) Rs. 5.20 × 5

2. Multiply the following:

(i) Rs. 30.00 × 3

(ii) Rs. 7.50 × 7

(iii) Rs. 19.50 × 6

(iv) Rs. 8.05 × 9

(v) Rs. 27.30 × 4

(vi) Rs. 79.45 × 3

(vii) Rs. 49.75 × 10

(viii) Rs. 57.25 × 9

3. One packet of chocolate cost Rs. 21.35. What is the cost of 8 packets of chocolates?

4. If a pencil cost 50 paisa, what will be the cost of 8 such pencils?

5. An i-pod cost Rs. 1635.70. How much will be paid for buying 2 i-pods?

6. One litre of milk cost Rs. 16.50. What will be the cost of 8 litres of milk?

7. Harry gets Rs. 10.50 as pocket money daily. How much will he get in 9 days?

8. A glass tumbler cost Rs. 29.35. What will be the cost of 9 such tumblers?

9. A pack of cheese cost Rs. 75.00. What is the cost of 5 such packets?

10. Shelly bought 8 packets of coconut cookies and Jack bought 8 packets of chocolate cookies. They decided to share the amount equally. How much does each one pay?

Worksheet on Multiplication of Money

Answers for the worksheet on multiplication of money are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on finding the products of the amount by a number.


1. (i) Rs. 70

(ii) 72 Paisa

(iii) Rs. 2.10 or 210 Paisa

(iv) Rs. 520

(v) Rs. 175

(vi) Rs. 26

2. (i) Rs. 90

(ii) Rs. 52.50

(iii) Rs. 117

(iv) Rs. 72.45

(v) Rs. 109.20

(vi) Rs. 238.35

(vii) Rs. 497.50

(viii) Rs. 515.25

3. Rs. 170.80

4. Rs. 4.00

5. Rs. 3271.40

6. Rs. 132

7. Rs. 94.50

8. Rs. 264.15

9. Rs. 375

10. Rs. 1237.20

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