Worksheet on Third Grade Money

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on third grade money. This worksheet provides basic math questions involving addition on money, subtraction of money, multiplication of money by a number, division of money by a number, converting money in rupees and paisa and mixed word problems on money.

1. (i) Convert 6085 paisa into rupees and paisa.

(ii) Convert Rs. 57.50 into paisa.

2. (i) Add Rs. 12.65, Re. 0.95 and Rs. 136.65

(ii) Subtract Rs. 30.57 from Rs. 75.30.

(iii) Ram and Sam have Rs. 360.45 and Rs. 638.95 respectively. Luis has an amount equal to the sum of the amount of Ram and Sam. What is the amount Luis has?

3. Riana bought the following things:

2 flower bouquets each for Rs. 11.25, a doll for Rs. 24.61, a book for Rs. 27.67 and a notebook for Rs. 16.10. Find her total expenditure. If she gave a Rs. 100 note to the shopkeeper, what amount was returned to her?

4. How many paisa are there in Rs. 7.00? How many 25-paisa coins make Rs. 7? 

5. Three pairs of sleepers cost Rs. 366. What is the cost of one pair of sleepers?

6. A packet of biscuits cost Rs. 15.50. What is cost of 6 packets?

7. Which is less and by how much (Rs. 115.35 + Rs. 75.05) or (Rs. 415.35 - Rs. 102.00)?

Answers for the worksheet on money are given below to check the exact answers of above mixed problems on rupees and paisa.


1. (i) Rs. 60.85

(ii) 5750 paisa

2. (i) Rs. 150.25

(ii) Rs. 44.73

(iii) Rs. 999.40

3. Rs. 90.88, Rs. 9.12

4. 700 paisa, 28 coins

5. Rs. 122

6. Rs. 93

7. Sum is less than difference by Rs. 122.95

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