Writing Money in Words and Figure

Rupees is always written with its symbol '₹'. Paise is always written with ‘p’. For example ₹ 10, ₹ 20, 50p, 70p. When rupee and paise are written together in figures, it is separated with a (.). Paise is written always as a 2-digit number, for example  21 and 5 p is written as ₹ 21.05.25 paise is written as  0.25.

For example:

Shelly has one 20-rupee note and one 50-paisa coin. Her teacher told her to write the amount in words and figures.

Shelly will write the amount in figure as ₹ 20.50.

The amount in words is written as twenty rupees and fifty paise.

Rules for Writing Money in Words and Figure:

1. Abbreviation used for a rupee is Re. and for 1-rupee it is Re. 1

2. Rupees is written in short, as Rs., as 5-rupees is written as Rs. 5

3. For paisa we write P. It is written after the number of Paisa.

For example:

50 paisa is written as 50 p

8 paisa is written as 8 p

4. Suppose we have to write a sum of money involving both rupees and paisa. So to express an amount consisting of both rupees and paisa, we use a small point which is called a decimal point. The numeral indicating rupees is written before this point and the numeral indicating paisa is written after the point. We write Rs. before the number of numerals.

For example:

(i) 10 rupees, 40 paisa is written as Rs. 10.40

(ii) 8 rupees, 25 paisa is written as Rs. 8.25

(iii) 128 rupees, 43 paisa is written as Rs. 128.43

(iv) If the given number of paisa is in one digit, then it is made a two-digit numeral by putting 0 before the single digit.

7 rupees, 5 paisa is written as Rs. 7.05

12 rupees, 7 paisa is written as Rs. 12.07

5. (i) If the money is only in rupees, it is written as

8 rupees              =             Rs. 8       or            Rs. 8.00

15 rupees            =             Rs. 15      or            Rs. 15.00

(ii) If the money is only in paisa, it is written as

45 paisa = Re. 0.45 or 45 P

56 paisa = Re. 0.56 or 56 P

So, 8 paisa = Re. 0.08

35 paisa = Re. 0.35 or 35 P

These are the rules needed to follow while writing money in words and figure (rupees and paisa).

Questions and Answers on Writing Money in Words and Figure:

Writing Amount in Words and Figures

The point or dot separates rupees from paise. Rupees are written on the left-hand of the dot and paise are written on the right side of the dot. We write 50 rupees as Rs. 50 and fifty paise as 50p.

I. Write in words. One has been done for you.

(i) Rs. 30.25          

(ii) Rs. 27.75

(iii) Rs. 34.50

(iv) Rs. 62.25

(v) Rs. 67.75

(vi) Rs. 58.50

Thirty rupees twenty-five paise.







I. (ii) Twenty-seven rupees seventy-five paise.

(iii) Thirty-four rupees fifty paise.

(iv) Sixty-two rupees twenty-five paise.

(v) Sixty-seven rupees seventy-five paise.

(vi) Fifty-eight rupees fifty paise.

II. Write the following in words:

(i) Rs.15.10

(ii) Rs. 33.75

(iii) Rs. 27.80

(iv) Rs. 43

(v) 10 p

(vi) Rs. 26.17


II. (i) Fifteen rupees and ten paise.

(ii) Thirty-three rupees and seventy-five paise.

(iii) Twenty-seven rupees and eighty paise.

(iv) Forty-three rupees

(v) Ten paise

(vi) Twenty-six rupees and seventeen paise.

III. Write the following in figures:

(i) Sixty-three rupees and twenty paise

(ii) Forty-five rupees and sixty paise

(iii) Thirty-nine rupees and thirty paise

(iv) Seventy-eight rupees 

(v) Eighty-four rupees and ninety paise

(vi) Fifty paise

(vii) Four rupees and sixty paise


III. (i) Rs. 63.20

(ii) Rs. 45.60

(iii) Rs. 39.30

(iv) Rs. 78

(v) Rs. 84.90

(vi) 50p

(vii) Rs. 4.60

IV. Write in figures. One has been done for you.

(i) Sixty rupees and fifty paise.      

(ii) Forty-three rupees and seventy-five paise. 

(iii) Fifty-five rupees and twenty-five paise

(iv) Eighty-nine rupees and fifty rupees.

(v) Seventy-four rupees and seventy-five paise. 

(vi) Nineteen rupees and fifty rupees.

Rs. 60.50     







IV. (ii) Rs. 43.75

(iii) Rs. 55.25

(iv) Rs. 89.50

(v) Rs. 74.75

(vi) Rs. 19.50

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